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5 Keys to Praiseful Living

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Praiseful living takes faith. Today we are going to look at another passage in the Gospel of Luke where I will show you 5 keys to unlock your spirit to praise God.

Digging Deeper: Luke 1:39-80

Key Verses: Luke 1:46-47  “My soul magnifies the Lord, And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.”

When it comes to praising God, my spirit is all locked up within me and I find it hard to release and outwardly worship God.

Yes, I do it on the inside and when I am alone at home or driving (alone) in the car.

I am learning so much from this passage in the first chapter of Luke.

Elizabeth and Mary were not held back from praiseful living and expressed what was in their hearts outwardly to each other and God.

On the other hand, Zachariah was held back. If you remember, his voice was taken away (Luke 1:20) because of his lack of faith in what God was about to do in his wife, Elizabeth’s life (Luke 1:12).

If you remember, his voice was taken away (Luke 1:20) because of his lack of faith in what God was about to do in his wife, Elizabeth’s life (Luke 1:12).

If you put yourself in the shoes of Elizabeth and Mary, their lives were filled with struggles just like yours.

If you can just imagine what Elizabeth must have gone through over the years because she never conceived. It was bigger than her own sadness for not becoming pregnant.

Being barren was a public shame in those days. Pregnancy was looked on as a blessing from God. Sadly, pregnancy isn’t often seen as a blessing today.

Then there was Mary. She was probably a young teenage girl who became pregnant before she was ever married.

That isn’t thought to be such a bad thing today (sad to say) unless you are in a good Bible-believing church.

In those days, it was a public shame to become pregnant when you were not married.

Oh! The things people probably said. The looks. The pointing of fingers.

No wonder Joseph’s first idea was to ‘put her away privately!’ (Matthew 1:9) He wanted to avoid the public’s eye for both Mary’s sake and himself.

Instead, both Elizabeth and Mary rose above the situation and had faith for praiseful living.

Mary went up to the hill country where her cousin Elizabeth lived. Just as soon as Mary entered her home, Elizabeth recognized the omnipotent presence of God and the baby jumped for joy in her womb!!

Her heart filled with joy as words of praise poured out of her mouth to God.

Elizabeth’s Praise: Luke 1:41-45

Then in response, Mary’s heart also filled with joy as she poured out her praise to God.

Mary’s Praise: Luke 1:46-55

Zachariah was probably more like you or I because he struggled to believe God’s announcement through the angel, (Luke 1:13) Gabriel.

Gabriel caused Zachariah to lose his voice until the baby was born. According to the custom, the baby was to be given the name of the father. The baby was named Zachariah but Elizabeth pointed out that this wouldn’t be so. (Luke 1:59)

When Zachariah wrote on the tablet that “His name is John” (Luke 1:63) his tongue was untied and he began praising God. He had come to a point where he had faith and his praise was unstoppable!

Zachariah’s Praise: Luke 1:67-79

5 Keys to Praiseful Living

It takes faith to live praisefully. Without faith, we would not be able to praise God.

When we are in Christ’s presence, praiseful living comes much easier and you will find yourself having a similar experience as Elizabeth, Mary, and Zachariah.

Today as you read these passages, invite Christ’s presence into your life afresh. Become intimate with Him and open your heart and accept the blessings of:

  1. Joyful living
  2. Spirit-filled living
  3. Living in awareness of God’s blessings
  4. Delight-living
  5. Praiseful living

Each day of your life, keep in God’s Word as you learn to walk closer to Him. You will find more and more that you are able to release and experience and express yourself as you live out these keys to praiseful living in your walk of faith.

Do you find it hard to express yourself in praise to God? What do you see necessary to growing in faith so you can increase in praiseful living?


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