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“How Great Thou Art” GIVEAWAY

Giveaway over at Jesus Journaling Facebook Group Jesus Journaling is a rapidly growing Bible journaling art community run by Judith, affiliated with His Unmeasured Grace, that you may join over on ...

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How to Build Your Prayer Life on the Word of God

When you build a house it needs a solid foundation or in time it will shift and crumble. When you build your prayer life on the Word of God it has a solid foundation. You will be able to withstand ...

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Creative time with Jesus through Bible Journaling

How to be creative in your Quiet Time with Jesus through Bible Journaling You might be the woman who thinks you have no creative gene in your body! Think again! Most of us who are sharing our ...

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20 Bible Verses on Comfort that Will Help You Cope

It can be hard to know where to turn for comfort when you are going through trials. Most often we turn to God last even when we are saved and know deep down that is the first person we should go ...

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Bible Reading Routine

How to Get Started with a Daily Bible Reading Routine

If you have been reading my blog for very long, you will know that I believe it's very important to go deeper with God through a daily Bible reading routine. There is nothing more central to my blog ...

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Bible Reading Plan

5 Awesome Reasons You Should have a Bible Reading Plan

There are 5 awesome reasons why you should have a Bible reading plan. Whether you are reading through the Bible in a year or longer, it will be a blessing when you get into God's Word on a daily ...

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One Word

Why I Chose “Praise-Giving” as My One Word for the New Year

We all love the concept of choosing just one word instead of a long list of resolutions. This year I chose a hyphenated phrase that takes a noun and a verb, combining them into a word that ...

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Should Christians Make New Year Resolutions?

It's the beginning of yet another year! Should Christians be making resolutions to take them through the year? I think they should. In fact, resolutions can deepen your walk with Jesus and bring ...

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Home For Christmas: A Miracle Home Going

I shall never forget the look on her face as she smiled and waved good-bye. She was leaving us, but she would be home for Christmas. Christmas was always her favorite time of the year. So it was ...

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Giving the Powerful Gift of Words this Christmas

Words can be the most powerful gift we give this Christmas and yet, their importance is often forgotten. You might be rushing around like a caffeinated version of Martha trying to get all your gifts ...

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15 Ultimate Supplies for Creative Bible Journaling

Do you wonder what supplies you might need to start your creative Bible journaling adventure? This is my ultimate list of items that I already own or have on my list of things to add to this wonder...

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How to Beat Your Struggle for Self-Control this Christmas

The struggle with self-control is real once the Christmas programs and parties start happening. My struggle is with eating too much chocolate as I make cookies. Maybe yours is with overeating, ...

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