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Bible Reading Routine

How to Get Started with a Daily Bible Reading Routine

If you have been reading my blog for very long, you will know that I believe it's very important to go deeper with God through a daily Bible reading routine. There is nothing more central to my blog ...

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Home For Christmas: A Miracle Home Going

I shall never forget the look on her face as she smiled and waved good-bye. She was leaving us, but she would be home for Christmas. Christmas was always her favorite time of the year. So it was ...

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How to Beat Your Struggle for Self-Control this Christmas

The struggle with self-control is real once the Christmas programs and parties start happening. My struggle is with eating too much chocolate as I make cookies. Maybe yours is with overeating, ...

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5 Ways to Avoid a Covetous Heart this Christmas

The Christmas rush is on and shopping is in full throttle complete with retail marketing tempting our covetous heart. How do you as a mom; decorate, shop, bake, and prepare for Christmas this year ...

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Newborn King

Hymn Story: Glory to the Newborn King by Paul Rausch

 In Loving Memory of Paul A. Rausch : July 7, 1931-September 21, 2013 Brother Paul Rausch was the band director at our church for almost eight years. He was blessed with an incredible amount of ...

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You Can Never Be Prepared for Grief

Two days after Thanksgiving, a close friend's daughter-in-law passed in her sleep unexpectedly. She was in her twenties with a loving husband and two small little girls. How can you ever be ...

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Like Him

God’s Desire for You

Being like Christ isn't something that I naturally seek. Sometimes I totally stick my toes down into the sand and resist the waves trying to topple me over. God's desire is for me is to be totally ...

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Grace Unmeasured

Grace Unmeasured Vast and Free

Grace unmeasured is what God has been impressing on my heart over and over again. It is always what is running in the background of everything I write and in all that I do. I didn't always feel ...

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What Will You Do with Jesus?

What if this were the last day of your life! What will you do with Jesus? I blog about many things but the main reason I share on my blog is to encourage women to go deeper with God as they serve ...

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