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5 Reasons NOT to Hide Your Light

If you were the keeper of a lonely lighthouse that sat on the rocks of a treacherous seashore, what would happen to the ships if you turned the light off? The Sambro Island Light is a lighthouse ...

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5 Ways to Grow Your Faith with Patience

Patience might be something you wish you had but don't. When it comes to our kids, we sure could use a whole lot more. When it comes to our faith, patience is something that will make it possible to ...

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Passionate Love

5 Ways to Culture a Passionate Love for God

I have been asking myself some serious questions about whether I am truly filled with gratitude and a passionate love for God. We live in a busy world and stopping long enough to focus on the Lord ...

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5 Reasons to Avoid a Weather-Vane Faith

Are you sometimes like a weather-vane with faith that is blowing in the wind like a reed? As women, it can be easy to be swayed this way and that because we have an innate desire to be liked and ...

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When Your Hope and Faith are Shaken

Digging Deeper: Luke 7:18-23 Key Verse:  And John, calling two of his disciples to him, sent them to Jesus, saying, “Are You the Coming One, or do we look for another?” Luke 7:19 So...

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Comfort When You are Grieving

Life isn't without sorrow and most of us will need comfort sooner or later because we are grieving the loss of someone close. God does not leave you to suffer alone and offers compassion and joy for ...

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Living Out Your Authority as a Mom

Living out your authority as a mom in humility before God means that you have faith in God to work out the details in your children's lives. Have you read the story about the centurion in Luke 6 ...

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Jesus Rejected

Stand Strong in Your Faith

Are you rubbing shoulders with people who have rejected Jesus? Stand strong like Jesus did when he got up to read the Word of God in his hometown synagogue. Digging Deeper: Luke 4:16-44 Key ...

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Has Jesus Touched Your Life?

Has Jesus reached out and touched your life? Do you have more concern over being made spiritually whole than having physical wholeness? Digging Deeper: Luke 5 Key Verses: And it happened when ...

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Take Time

Take Time and Get Alone to Pray

Do you take time to get alone and pray? I have to be honest with you, I struggle in this area too! I hope this challenges you today. I love the example that Jesus sets for us in this passage to ...

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Wilderness Season

Dealing with a Wilderness Season

Are you dealing with a wilderness season in your life? Jesus was tempted and tried too, just like us. Jesus knows what we go through and yearns to give us comfort because the forty days he spent in ...

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Ordinary Things

How To have Integrity

Today as we dig deeper into the Gospel of Luke, you will learn how to have integrity in the ordinary things. John the Baptist had a purpose, a life calling and a message to the individuals in his ...

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