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Ordinary Things

How To have Integrity

Today as we dig deeper into the Gospel of Luke, you will learn how to have integrity in the ordinary things. John the Baptist had a purpose, a life calling and a message to the individuals in his ...

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Free in Christ

How You are Free in Christ

You are free in Christ and no longer confined to rules and regulations found in the Law of Moses.  Most of us today are not held by dietary laws, nor bound by ritualistic repetitions but are freed ...

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Glorious News

Is Jesus’ Birth Still Glorious News?

Jesus' birth is still glorious news even though He was born over 2000 years ago. Our salvation message begins when God sent His only Son to earth to be born as a Baby, the Christ Child. (John ...

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Praiseful Living

5 Keys to Praiseful Living

Praiseful living takes faith. Today we are going to look at another passage in the Gospel of Luke where I will show you 5 keys to unlock your spirit to praise God. Digging Deeper: Luke 1:39-80 ...

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When You Get Discouraged

Discouragement can be a debilitating experience. Have you ever been discouraged? Have you ever sunk so deep into despair that you began to question God? Some women will withdraw from their ...

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Do You Feel Unqualified?

Mary knew she was unqualified instead of equipped but simply laid her life down for God to use in any way He chose. You can too! Digging Deeper: Luke 1:26-38 Key Verse: Luke 1:38a   Then ...

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Standing in God's Presence

Are You Standing in God’s Presence

Have you been reading your Bible yet not taking the time to fully connect with your Savior? Today I want you to be equipped and prepared for your day by standing in God's presence as you read through ...

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Humble Dependence

Living in Humble Dependence on God

Living in humble dependence on God is so important when we consider how suddenly life can end. All you have to do is scan through the obituaries and you will find that not everyone is elderly when ...

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Solving Strife By Giving Grace

Strife isn't something anybody wants in a friendship! Solving strife is possible when you end the stress in the relationship by giving grace. Let's dig right in!! Digging Deeper: James 4:1-12...

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Do You Have Envying and Strife?

Envying and strife can eat away at your heart even if no one sees it manifested outwardly in your life. Let's take a look at these verses in James and see what the Lord shows us today. Let’s dig ...

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What is Bible Journaling

Bible journaling can become something totally exciting as you learn to interact with God's Word each day. You may simply take notes in a separate notebook or in your special wide margin Bible with ...

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Mouth Shut

Keep Your Mouth Shut

It is easier to say too much than to keep your mouth shut! James 3 is filled with wise wisdom that teaches us the seriousness of keeping our mouth shut rather than spewing vicious and hurting words ...

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