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“How Great Thou Art” GIVEAWAY

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Giveaway over at Jesus Journaling Facebook Group

Jesus Journaling is a rapidly growing Bible journaling art community run by Judith, affiliated with His Unmeasured Grace, that you may join over on Facebook.

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Tuesday, January 23rd to Sunday, January 28th at 9pm EST

Wouldn’t you just LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. to enter this giveaway?!

“How Great Thou Art”

How Great Thou Art is a beautiful adult coloring book that will inspire you by the words of 46 classic hymns. A set of 50 Crayola crayons will also be gifted to ONE WINNER!! 

How Great Thou Art

Bible journaling is for anyone and has NOTHING to do with your ability but ALL to do with honoring God through Jesus Journaling art.

“How Great Thou Art” on the Inside

How Great Thou Art


Giveaway Guidelines

WHAT: Enter your own ‘artwork’ that you drew or painted yourself.

ENTRIES: You may enter as many entries as you’d like (up to two a day). Each entry that you share will count as ‘one’ entry. In other words, your name will go on an index card that will be drawn on Sunday night, January 28th at 9pm EST.

GUIDELINES: Use a verse (or phrase from a verse) that you journaled in your Bible or notebook. You may use lettering, color with crayons, or gel pens (etc), painting is great too. You MUST include the verse reference, verse itself, and a sentence or two about the verse in the description.

Are you new to Bible Journaling? Read more here!!

Are you ‘IN’?

I would love to hear if you plan to enter this awesome giveaway!!


Do you enjoy creative Bible journaling art but have never joined Jesus Journaling over on Facebook? It is a thriving community and we’d love to have you!!

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