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Why It’s Important to Find Your Sweet Spot

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Why is it important to find your sweet spot? You are probably wondering what a *sweet spot is in the first place!

A sweet spot is that place where you are able to work to your fullest at whatever it is that you are passionate about. At least, that is the definition I am giving it.

When your children are growing up, your time is constantly in demand and you often don’t have much time to give to the things you are most passionate about.

I get that!

Sweet Spot

Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:16

It wasn’t long ago that I was raising and homeschooling seven children. In fact, I only entered this season of my life a short three years ago.

As much as I loved motherhood, it was the most stressful time of my life. The demands on me were at an all-time high and I usually did not get much time for myself.

I am passionate about encouraging other moms through their journey, and that is what I hope to do for you today.

Do you know how important it is to carve out even a small amount of time each day for yourself?

I usually did not do this and the stress I created for myself might have in part been defrayed if I had listened to my body’s needs.

I would have been able to give more fully to my children (and husband) instead of pouring myself out for them in exhaustion.

Do you know what I am saying?

What Exactly IS a Sweet Spot?

Your sweet spot is that place where you can work best. It isn’t a location. It is a place where you can work most productively because you have found balance in your life.

For instance, because you have engaged in activities which help you to regroup your heart and soul; you will be so much better at mothering and caring for your family, working outside-your-home, or from home.

What if you are able to sit down and read aloud to your children, totally engaging with them because early that morning you spent time refreshing your heart and soul?

It doesn’t have to be an impossible thing to do.

Finding just 15 to 30 minutes is better than nothing.

Sweet Spot

What Activities Might Refresh Your Heart and Soul?

I probably sound like a broken record because I always point you back to spending time with the Lord each day.

You will find it easier to go through your day if you start or end your day with the Lord. Often, the only time that is possible is by giving God the time you have once your children’s nap starts.

Here are some ideas on how to prepare for your sweet spot

  1. Quiet Time – Take 15 minutes and read your Bible and pray.
  2. Coloring – Adult coloring books are the thing. They help you to unwind and relax.
  3. Read a book – Do you read but time is an issue? It doesn’t have to be a whole chapter. That might not fit your season of life. Just a paragraph or page will do. Set a timer and read for 15 minutes.
  4. Make a craft – Making something that you have seen on Pinterest will help you to relax and hit refresh!!

You would not believe how much more refreshed you will be for the things you have to repeatedly do each day when you spend some alone time.

Finding Your Sweet Spot

Finding your sweet spot comes after you have spent time alone regrouping and hitting refresh. When you go full speed ahead day after day, you will be hitting your stress button and your level of productivity or ability to interact with those around you will be greatly affected.

This is the area where I failed the most and I encourage you to find some alone time each day to de-stress so that you will be more ready to find that sweet spot.

Do you resonate with the need to find your sweet spot? What ideas can you share that will help you and other women?

*The Sweet Spot How to Accomplish More By Doing Less by Christine Carter, PhD – I am reading this book and it got me to thinking of how as Christian women we need to find our sweet spot in our mothering, working outside the home, and for the glory of God.

Sweet Spot

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