I’d like to think of the wisp of steam going up from the cup is like our prayers.

Most of us don’t pray as often as we should. I know I don’t.

Prayer is really important as it is how we talk to God and He talks to us. I often breathe prayers as I read God’s Word and think and allow it to seep down into my heart.

My desire is to share some of what I have read in the books written by some of the godliest men and women who once lived. Their lives moved slower and they weren’t so fast-paced as we are today. I think they spent more time in prayer than we often do. We can learn an incredible amount from them.

I plan to share some practical ways to pray even when you don’t have a large amount of time. I know too well the challenges we each have and will glean from those who went before us while adapting their wisdom to the reality of our lives.

I hope you will be blessed with the links I will share below. I will be adding them as I share them so they are easily found.

Have a wonderfully blessed day as you seek His unmeasured grace for your life!!