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Examples of How To Bible Journal when You Can’t Draw

Do you love looking at beautiful Bible journaling artwork but are afraid to try it yourself because you can't draw? Or so you think. Journaling Bibles are beautiful with space along the side of ...

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“How Great Thou Art” GIVEAWAY

Giveaway over at Jesus Journaling Facebook Group Jesus Journaling is a rapidly growing Bible journaling art community run by Judith, affiliated with His Unmeasured Grace, that you may join over on ...

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15 Ultimate Supplies for Creative Bible Journaling

Do you wonder what supplies you might need to start your creative Bible journaling adventure? This is my ultimate list of items that I already own or have on my list of things to add to this wonder...

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Bible Journaling Art for Anyone

Bible Journaling Art is for Anyone including YOU!! I have been coloring in my new Journaling Bible and loving it. The amazing thing that many women are finding is that they love to color. Their ...

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How To Select A Verse for Journaling

Selecting verses for journaling can be the hardest part about getting started with your artistic endeavor, if you are anything like me! I am not really an artist. I am assuming you aren't ...

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Learning to Pray Through Bible Journaling

Learning to pray is something most of us take little time for. I want to open your heart up to the idea of praying when you are Bible journaling by creatively expressing Scripture to God. How easy ...

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Choosing a Bible for Journaling

Choosing a Bible for journaling can be daunting when there are so many note-taking Bibles available. Today, I will show you how to narrow down the choices so you will find a Bible that you love for ...

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Standing in God's Presence

Are You Standing in God’s Presence

Have you been reading your Bible yet not taking the time to fully connect with your Savior? Today I want you to be equipped and prepared for your day by standing in God's presence as you read through ...

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Beginner’s Guide To Your Bible Journal

I have been Bible journaling for years and finally thought that I would share my Beginner's Guide to Your Bible Journal so you can get started in this adventure. First off, there is no right way or ...

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What is Bible Journaling

Bible journaling can become something totally exciting as you learn to interact with God's Word each day. You may simply take notes in a separate notebook or in your special wide margin Bible with ...

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Examples of Journaling Art

Examples of Bible Journaling Art

It is helpful to have some examples of Bible journaling art to get you started in your doodling journey. When I first started about a year ago, I hadn't drawn anything close to being called ...

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