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Creative time with Jesus through Bible Journaling

How to be creative in your Quiet Time with Jesus through Bible Journaling You might be the woman who thinks you have no creative gene in your body! Think again! Most of us who are sharing our ...

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Choosing a Bible for Journaling

Choosing a Bible for journaling can be daunting when there are so many note-taking Bibles available. Today, I will show you how to narrow down the choices so you will find a Bible that you love for ...

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Beginner’s Guide To Your Bible Journal

I have been Bible journaling for years and finally thought that I would share my Beginner's Guide to Your Bible Journal so you can get started in this adventure. First off, there is no right way or ...

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How To Get Started on Your Bible Journal

Do you want to bring your Quiet Time to the next level? Having a Bible journal is the way to record what the Lord has impressed on your heart. I have loved how I have grown in my relationship with ...

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Facing Your Trials with Joy

Facing your trials with joy is an unnatural thing to do. James is writing this letter to encourage Believers on how to face your trials with joy. Welcome to the study of the book of James!! I am so ...

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