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Weariness to Strength

Weariness to Strength Grace Study

Walking with Jesus from Weariness to Strength Weariness to Strength is a four week Grace Study designed to encourage you to grow in strength as you walk with Jesus Christ. I hope you will join in ...

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Glorious News

Is Jesus’ Birth Still Glorious News?

Jesus' birth is still glorious news even though He was born over 2000 years ago. Our salvation message begins when God sent His only Son to earth to be born as a Baby, the Christ Child. (John ...

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Putting Your Faith into Action

Do you have faith without action? As moms, we are trying to survive each day. Do you want to put action to your faith? We are going to learn how that happens! It really isn't enough that we have ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Be in a “Click”

Clicks are comfortable. It is the most natural thing to have special friends at church. As women, we gravitate to our favorite friends with hugs and rapid exchanges in animated conversation. A ...

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Facing Your Trials with Joy

Facing your trials with joy is an unnatural thing to do. James is writing this letter to encourage Believers on how to face your trials with joy. Welcome to the study of the book of James!! I am so ...

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