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How To Pour Your Life Out in Prayer

When you pour your life out in prayer, it makes our service to our families more effective than any other effort we can give. We can spend hours of time cleaning our home and quality time with our ...

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How to Build Your Prayer Life on the Word of God

When you build a house it needs a solid foundation or in time it will shift and crumble. When you build your prayer life on the Word of God it has a solid foundation. You will be able to withstand ...

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Learning to Pray Through Bible Journaling

Learning to pray is something most of us take little time for. I want to open your heart up to the idea of praying when you are Bible journaling by creatively expressing Scripture to God. How easy ...

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Take Time

Take Time and Get Alone to Pray

Do you take time to get alone and pray? I have to be honest with you, I struggle in this area too! I hope this challenges you today. I love the example that Jesus sets for us in this passage to ...

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How To Get Started on Your Bible Journal

Do you want to bring your Quiet Time to the next level? Having a Bible journal is the way to record what the Lord has impressed on your heart. I have loved how I have grown in my relationship with ...

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