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What to Do When You Grow Weary of Well-Doing

Do you sometimes grow weary of well-doing? As women, we are especially prone to wearing ourselves out by tirelessly taking care of our families until we no longer feel like we have an ounce left to ...

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5 Ideas that Will Revive Your Enthusiasm

Have you ever lost your enthusiasm for something that gave you joy and happiness? You were so excited to start kindergarten but soon you were anxiously waiting for summer. You so wanted to get ...

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Does God Care when You Cry?

Oh Yes, He Cares when You Cry!! You might not be one to cry too easily like I used to.  I could cry buckets and still had tears left. It was totally embarrassing if I was around friends. BUT . ...

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Are you Struggling with Weariness? Come to Jesus

Weariness can be such a struggle! We can be weary from lack of sleep, whiny kids, our health, or from continually doing for those we love. What if there was a way to find rest? Jesus says ...

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Are You So Weary That You Are Growing Bitter?

Job had terrible calamities and was dealing with criticism from friends who decided he had sinned and that God was judging him. My soul is weary of my life; I will leave my complaint upon myself; I ...

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Your Life

Are You Weary of Your Life?

I am so blessed that you have joined us for Day 1 of the Weariness to Strength study. I really really pray that you will be encouraged today right down into your innermost being!! Life has no ...

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Weariness to Strength

Weariness to Strength Grace Study

Walking with Jesus from Weariness to Strength Weariness to Strength is a four week Grace Study designed to encourage you to grow in strength as you walk with Jesus Christ. I hope you will join in ...

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