Meet Judith

Hi sweet friend!!

I’m Judith and I am so happy to meet you!!

You might remember me as the author and owner of WholeHearted Home where my blogging journey started back in August 2011.

I always love meeting new friends and hope that you will be blessed with all the resources that are available for you on my blog.

About His Unmeasured Grace

His Unmeasured Grace is a site to encourage and equip women in their faith in Jesus Christ run by me – Judith Kowles

This Blog is for You!!

I started His Unmeasured Grace in January 2017 as I felt God nudging me to start a new blog that would help women go deeper with God.

I have failed so utterly in life and desperately need God’s saving grace. I am nothing without Him working in and through me. I want you to find God’s grace is sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9) for you so that you can bloom like a beautiful flower opening up in all its radiant glory.

If you have had hurts, disappointments, depression or melancholy, or you deal with health issues that make it difficult for you to function, frustration in your marriage, difficulty dealing with your kids in some way, or struggle in some other area, then this blog is for you!

This isn’t a platform for complaints about how life has dealt with you or me. Instead, it’s a place of retreat when you don’t feel you ‘measure’ up. I want you to bask in the presence of God’s Holy Spirit and face your life with victory in Jesus.

We will learn how to grow as we study the Bible and learn how to journal about what we have read.  Most importantly we will learn how to dig deeper into the Word.

I will be sharing my adventurous journey of drawing and writing about what I have read in my time with God.

I hope that you join me!

I am excited because God is going to do awesome things in both of our lives, as we study to show ourselves approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed.(2 Timothy 2:15)

Where You Should Start

On this page, you will find posts that study some of the Grace Studies we have been doing as a community of women desiring to know God better.

One of my passions is Bible Journaling Art where I end my Quiet Time through drawing about a verse or word I have selected.

Getting to Know Me

I am the girl behind the screen. I love to connect one-on-one with friends. We ARE friends, right?

Did I forget to mention that I am married to the most wonderful man in the world? We have been married for 40 years (and I seriously don’t feel much older than 30.)  Age creeps up on you, yet you feel like the same girl on the inside but just a little wiser as experiences make you a little different.

Like I was saying before I digressed, marriage has been rough. Many people get divorced for what I’ve been through (and what I put him through). It is ONLY by the unmeasured grace of God that we are still married. It mostly was because we so strongly believed in staying married for better or worse.

We hung in there so many years that our hormones (and sin nature) sort of mellowed with the help and indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

A Little More About Me

I grew up in Asia and Hawaii because I was an M.K. (Missionary Kid) learning to serve Jesus beside my parents.

What I mean is that I was born in Japan, grew up in Hong Kong, and went to high school in Hawaii.

I went to Simpson University in San Francisco, California where I earned a B.A. degree in Psychology and a Minor in Bible.

I met my only husband in New York State and we are still blissfully married after 40 years. O.K. so not all moments were blissful.

We were blessed with 7 kids through birth (2), adoption (3), and birth (2) because I had a tubal reversal. We homeschooled them through high school for over 25 years. We now have 10 grandkids who are 6 years old and younger!! That includes TWO sets of twins!!

I hope your heart will be deeply encouraged and inspired so you grow closer to God as you read my blog.

Only by His grace,