5 Bible Journaling Steps You’ll Need to Get Started

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These 5 Bible journaling steps are exactly what you need to get started!

If you are brand new to Bible journaling, you might need some help getting started.

Are you familiar with Bible journaling? It’s a wonderful way of illustrating a passage by expressing your faith and what God has shown you during your quiet time.

Bible journaling is not just for artists. It’s for you, the non-artist too.

If you are striving perfection and beauty in your journaling art, you are totally missing the point!

The whole reason for Bible journaling is to drawing closer to Jesus as you worship and express your love and adoration for Him.


5 Bible Journaling Steps You'll Need to Get Started

Journaling Steps for Beginners


Walking up a flight of stairs is a whole lot harder than riding an escalator. There is a flight of stairs on an escalator but it really doesn’t take any effort or skill in getting to the top.

Bible journaling is another way of having a quiet time that you’ll find rewarding and satisfying as you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

I have put together a set of two printables that will be just the thing you need in getting off on the right foot for Beginner Bible journaling.

The first page of these printables has 5 steps you can follow as you sit down to create your journal.

The first two steps are essential and I am afraid many Bible journalers skip over.

We all want to create a journal that will bring ‘ooooohs’ and ‘ahhhhs’ as others ‘like’ and leave comments about what we shared. Facebook groups like Jesus Journaling are wonderful places to share our creations but we want always to draw attention to Jesus for the glory of God.


Tips for Beginners


I often share about Bible journaling here on HIs Unmeasured Grace.

What if you could have steps for Bible journaling and awesome tips delivered right to your inbox?

That’s what will be happening from now on!

Each week or two, I’ll be sharing some of the steps and tips that I have been learning. I am constantly looking for new ideas and tutorials for Bible journaling.

I have also been experimenting with different ways of journaling, like painting with watercolors.

I’ll be sharing about different Bible journaling tips and techniques or I’ll share a current Bible journaling post on my blog through this new email series.

You never need to worry about my spamming you because I don’t have enough time for that! If you are sick and tired (like I am) of getting 2-4 emails landing in your inbox about the same thing, never worry. I am totally against wasting your time (or mine).



Getting the 5 Beginner Tips


So  . . .  How do you get the 5 beginner tips?

You can signup HERE and when you do, you’ll get the ‘5 Journaling Steps, Tips for Getting Started.’ You’ll have two printables which include 5 Journaling Steps and ‘Journaling Psalms’ which is a 5-day journey through 5 different passages in Psalms. It will get you started with Bible journaling so you can continue in Psalms.

The printables are my thank you when you sign up for my Bible Journaling Tips newsletter.


This video will explain more about Bible Journaling Tips!


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