Bible Reading Plans

Choose from these Bible Reading Plans to grow in grace as you read through them each month or go deeper with Jesus with a word study.

I often need a collection of verses on a topic for studying or just because I need encouragement. Other times I need to pace myself through a book of the Bible as I slow down for a more in-depth Bible reading.

Each of these Bible Reading Plans are totally FREE to download and print. Choose one for this month and when you need another one, come back and grab one!

Psalms Bible Reading Plan

You will find this FREE PRINTABLE Psalms Bible Reading Plan that takes you through the book of Psalms in one month in 5 chapters a day to be just what you need! Download it to enrich your Quiet Time while you journal through this precious book that will draw you closer to Jesus!


Bible Reading Plans to Grow in Grace

You will need this FREE PRINTABLE Philippians Bible Reading Plan that takes you through the book of Philippians a few verses at a time. You may use a pretty notebook to copy out the verses for the day and illustrate what you are learning.


Bible Reading Plans to Grow in Grace

You will LOVE the FREE PRINTABLE Prayerfulness Bible Reading Plan because it gives you a collection of verses to meditate on every day for a month OR for a word study. The best thing is that digging deeper into God’s Word on prayer will encourage you to pray more fervently!


Go Deeper With God Bible Reading Plan

I wanted to go deeper with God and came up with the FREE PRINTABLE Go Deeper with God Bible Reading Plan and thought you might like them too! Read the verse(s) for each day for a month or use them as a word study as you learn to draw closer to God. Download and print this sheet and Go Deeper with God with this 30 Day Bible Reading Plan.


Bible Reading Plans to Grow in Grace

What better way to approach Holy Week than with this FREE PRINTABLE Easter Bible Reading Plan! This 10-day Bible Reading Plan will easily fit into your busy schedule. The companion Easter Journaling Workbook that provides a guided way of recording what you learn as you read and copy out a couple verses each day.


Bible Reading Plans to Grow in Grace

If you are a mom who’s ever been tired and weary, the Weariness to Strength Bible Reading Plan is the FREE PRINTABLE to DOWNLOAD! This has been popular on my blog for several years. See also the companion Weariness to Strength Journaling Workbook.


John is such an important book to read through that I compiled this FREE PRINTABLE of the John Bible Reading Plan for you. You will also want to purchase the John Journaling Workbook to go with it so you can SOAP each chapter as you read through this wonderful gospel in the New Testament.


My goal is to provide you with 12 Bible Reading Plans and Journaling Workbooks that you can do each month of the year. I will be adding a new one from time to time as the Lord leads.

Be sure to check out my Bible Journaling Workbooks for a different experience in the Word.