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The Book of James is one of the most important books to read in the New Testament as it teaches you how to walk as a Believer in Jesus Christ.

You will be challenged to be transformed in your thoughts and actions as you read and study this book!

Posts for the Book of James

There are so many Bible studies available in books and on the internet, WHY would there be a need for another?

Why would I be taking the time to share my studies with you here?

  • Simplicity – You will find these studies simple to do without being complicated!
  • Time – You can spend as little or as much time as you have available! No guilt!
  • Free – No purchase necessary!
  • Training – You will be trained and encouraged to get into God’s Word daily!

I hope you grow closer to Jesus as you read each article. I also hope you take the time to read through the wonderful book of James as well.

I will be sharing some of the resources available with the hope that they bless your spiritual journey with Jesus through this life.

  1. Why You Will Love Journaling Through James
  2. Facing Your Trials with Joy – James 1:1-18
  3. Authentic Hearers of God’s Word – James 1:19-27
  4. Why You Shouldn’t Be in  a “Click” – James 2:1-13
  5. Putting Your Faith into Action – James 2:14-26
  6. Keep Your Mouth Shut – James 3:1-12
  7. Does Envying and Strife Live in Your Heart – James 3:13-18
  8. Solving Strife By Giving Grace – James 4:1-1
  9. Living in Humble Dependence on God – James 4:13-16