Creating Awesome Journaling Art Using Coloring Pages

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Have you considered the benefits of using coloring pages to create your Bible journaling art? In this workshop, I will show you how to use the tracing technique to draw beautiful pictures and bring your artwork to the next level.

I have been sharing about how to create beautiful Bible journaling art when you aren’t even artistic at all.

God created you for the purpose of praising and glorifying Him and one way to do that is through illustrating in a verse from your Quiet Time.


Creating Awesome Journaling Art Using Coloring Pages


If you are afraid to draw or paint in your Bible, you can use a journaling notebook or this Free Printable.

Adult coloring books are available everywhere it seems. You can find them in a variety of stores and if it is more convenient, you can find them on Amazon. How easy is that?!

Do you have a 3-ring-binder that holds your collection of coloring pages? This is a wonderful way of keeping all your templates for tracing in one spot.



Wouldn’t you LOVE to READ MORE?


You are Invited to Join the Bible Journaling Workshop


You are invited to join me this fall over at A Little R and R with Rosilind Jukic for the Free Bible Journaling Workshop. We are participating with Good Morning Girls in the Word in the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge.

Each Wednesday during November, I will be sharing more ideas about creative Bible journaling art to help you make your Quiet Time more meaningful as you draw closer to Jesus.

This is really going to be easy-peasy. Let’s get started!





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