Go Deeper with God Bible Reading Challenge

I am so excited that you are joining me as we Go Deeper with God in the next 30 Days with this perfectly FREE Bible Reading & Writing Challenge.

When you download this printable, you will receive one sheet with a 30-day reading plan where I am challenging you to read, study, and journal about these verses.

On this sheet, you will have a Bible verse or verses to read for 30 days.

You are encouraged to read the verse(s), write out the verse(s), summarize what the selected reading was about, make an application to your life, and write out your prayer to the Lord.

You may spend as much time each day as you’d like. The important thing to remember is the season of life you are in and give yourself grace!

Going deeper with God shouldn’t be something we do only for this challenge. We should be going deeper with God every. single. day. for our entire life as a Christ-follower.

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