Book of James

Grace Studies of the Book of James

Welcome to the Grace-Study of the Book of James

I am so glad that you are joining me in this Grace-Study of the Book of James!! I love this book, written by James, who was a half-brother to Jesus.

This is such a practical book of the New Testament. You will find that you are challenged to grow as a Believer as you learn a deeper walk with Jesus.

Did you miss any of the posts in this series? Here they are so that you can go through them in order.

Posts for the Book of James

  1. Welcome to Journaling Through James
  2. Facing Your Trials with Joy – James 1:1-18
  3. Authentic Hearers of God’s Word – James 1:19-27
  4. Why You Shouldn’t Be in  a “Click” – James 2:1-13
  5. Putting Your Faith into Action – James 2:14-26
  6. Keep Your Mouth Shut – James 3:1-12
  7. Does Envying and Strife Live in Your Heart – James 3:13-18
  8. Solving Strife By Giving Grace – James 4:1-1
  9. Living in Humble Dependence on God – James 4:13-16

Book of James