Bible Reading Challenge With Scripture Printables


Bible Reading Challenge with Scripture Printables



Summertime is here and you’ll love this easy Bible Reading Challenge that works any time of the year. You’ll get these Printables and more to become a warrior-woman with 30 Days of Prayerfulness!



Besides, it’s my gift to you!


Get your gift from my heart to yours at the bottom of this post!!


Bible Reading Challenge


Fitting A Bible Reading Challenge into Your Summer


School is out for the summer and the schedule is gone. Life is more relaxed with a summer Bible Reading Challenge for your Quiet Time Routine to take its place.

I want to challenge you this summer to do the 30 Days of Prayerfulness so you learn to be an intense warrior-woman.

This challenge is easy to fit into your day because most of the days have only one verse. Some have two or three verses but that is really very doable.

Depending on your season in life, this can take you about 5 minutes or up to a half-hour if you study the verse in depth. It is up to you!


Taking Time for Prayerfulness


No man is greater than his prayer life! Leonard Ravenhill


You really don’t have time NOT to pray!


Yet . . . the disciples had a tremendous struggle with prayer even though they were with Jesus for three years during his ministry years.

I struggle with prayer too. I can’t lie!

Realizing that prayerlessness does not draw me closer to Jesus, this summer, I am asking the Lord to teach me how to pray.

I am asking you to come along on this journey with me. We won’t regret it at the end of the summer!


How To Do Each Verse


Here are some ideas on how to do each verse. You can do all of these ideas or just the ones that resonate with you.

  1. Pray for your day, husband, and children when you wake up!
  2. Pause and read the verse(s) of the day!
  3. Write out the verse!
  4. Write about how God is speaking to you from this verse!
  5. Draw about the verse! (or decorate it with stickers, stamps, or old cards)


You Will Love the FREE Scripture Frameable



Bible Reading Challenge



Here is a totally FREE FRAMEABLE SCRIPTURE VERSE that you can actually frame or put on your fridge like I just did!



  1. Put on your fridge!
  2. Put in your war-binder!
  3. Frame and hang in your home!
  4. Gift it to a friend!


Surprise! An Extra Printable!



Bible Reading Challenge


I got carried away and made this Journaling Page for you too! Since this is a FREEBIE, you can print off 30 of these pages (one for each day).

First, you write out the verse where it says ‘Scripture Journaling.’

Then, you write down what you learned as you studied this verse under ‘Digging Deeper.’

Next, you write how it resonates in your life because of how God is speaking to you through the verse(s) for the day under ‘Personal Application.’

Finally, you will write out your prayer to the Lord about what you learned.



for your Bible Reading Challenge this month!





I hope you enjoy putting this on your fridge as much as I did!

If you’d like to know more about¬†How to Use the Beautiful Jesus Journaling Workbook this will tell you more! This has really been popular with so many of my readers.


What is your summer looking like so far? Will this 30 Day June Bible Reading Challenge help in drawing you into God’s Word each day?



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