How to Make a Summer Bucket List for Kids

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Now that the hot weather is finally here, a summer bucket list is just the thing you’ll need to turn each day into a fun-packed adventure. Even when so many events are closed this season!

Being an influence in the lives of young children by giving them grace-filled days with you present in the moment will last for an eternity!


How to Make a Summer Bucket List


But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 9:14


Your kids are only with you for a few short years (ask me how I know) and will be on their own before you know it.

You want each moment to count and what better way than planning ways to constructively spend your time.

Whether they are your kids, grandkids, or kids you babysit, you can influence their young lives for eternity.


Make a Summer Bucket List


Over the years, I sit down with a glass of ice-tea and search for summer activities at the local attractions.

This year is a little different with so many public events canceled for the season. If you are creative, you can still come up with some great ideas.

Most of the things I did with my kids would still work as they were free and not a crowded public event that would be closed this year.

Sooooo . . .

I would make a bucket list of places to go and fun things to do with my kids.

Then I would see how many of them we could do over the summer.

It always took my kids ONLY ONE week until they were bored with the routine of not having a routine.

That is why I came up with a summer bucket list.

It was either getting back to summer homeschooling (and avoid amnesia) or occupying them with interesting and fun things to do as often as possible.

Of course, we couldn’t go galavanting around every day. My summer bucket list made sure that the warm weather didn’t slip by without creating wonderful memories.

This summer doesn’t have to be any different. So grab your ice-tea (or iced-coffee) and sit down and search the internet for ideas and make a summer bucket list!


Making A Summer Bucket List


Whether you homeschool your kids or they go to school, the routine changes with the arrival of summer.

Who doesn’t want to get outside?!

  • Make a bucket list of FREE or inexpensive places to go
    • Walks along a river!
    • Visit a petting zoo or farm!
    • Picnic at a park!
    • Go picking strawberries (or some other u-pick farm)!
    • Visit a local farmer’s market and buy your kids a special cookie!
  • Make a summer bucket list of things you can do with your kids by searching on Pinterest!
    • Make a ‘Travel Kit’ for those long trips!
    • Make a backyard racing track!
    • Search on Pinterest for craft and writing activities!
    • Dress-Up for each day of the week!
    • Search on Pinterest for summer Crafts for kids to make!
  • Make a reading summer bucket list of books for your kids!
    • Make a habit of reading aloud to your kids almost every day!
    • Culture a habit of your kids quietly reading on their bed for 1/2 hour each day! You need grace to get through the hot days of summer and creating space for kids to slow down and unwind is never a bad thing!

I love the idea of a summer bucket list because ideas can be chosen and then the item can be checked off when it is done.

No guilt for not doing it on a specific day or not getting around to it.

It is better to do some fun things each week than let the summer slip by and do none at all!

It’s OK not to do everything on your list.

That is why I would rather mark it off the list than place what my child will do on a schedule that will probably not work for those lazy summer days!

The summer is a relaxed routine without as many boundaries.

It is a time to relax.

So, relax sweet mom (or grandma) and don’t worry about what has-to-be-done as much as finding room for making a grace-paced summer bucket list.

Did this help you? What are you planning on doing this summer with your children?



Summertime Sanity is a book I simply loved using each summer. It is timeless and I highly recommend it!


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