12 Powerful Scripture Memory Cards Release Worry

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Do you ever feel worried, anxious, discouraged, and overwhelmed? Do you wish there was a way to release that worry that is pulsing through every vein in your body?


Powerful Scripture Memory Cards to Release Worry


To release worry is harder than it sounds but wouldn’t it be wonderful to let go of all your anxiety?


Jesus said, “Come unto Me all who are weary” and he encourages us to continually cry out to Him. He cares for you!


If you are like me, you have been filled with anxiety and would love to find a way to release worry. These Bible verses will help you do just that!


Worry Scripture Memory Cards


I shared 12 Verses to Calm Your Worry About Anxiety and now I am sharing two printables: Worry Scripture Memory Cards that I made for those verses.


Many of you have shared with me that you worry more than you’d like. You might be struggling with worry over the recent election in the United States as to date there has been no closure.


Living Fearlessly to Release Worry


Worry is based on fear and that is why I have focused on Living Fearlessly for the past few weeks.


The way that we can live fearlessly is to let go of the fear of man and fear God instead.


We need to learn to trust God much more and one of the ways that we do that is to release the worry that is strangling our hearts. Worry is trying to manage our life instead of allowing God to take the reigns.


In order to encourage you to kick worry to the curb, I made the 12 Scripture Memory Cards on Worry into pretty cards that come 6 on a sheet. There are two sheets.


That way, you can print them off and then cut them out.


This time I made them in black and white in order to cut down on your printing costs.


Then once you cut them out, you can place them in special places in the house or use them as bookmarks.


What if you were able to memorize them?


Do you realize how powerful that would be in your life?


I want you to live victoriously in Jesus and conquer every single bit of that worry and doubt that is coming at you!


That is why we can admit that we worry because that is admitting that we are trying to make everything perfect and need to release our perfection and worry less.


I’d LOVE to DOWNLOAD the 12 Scripture Memory Cards to Release Worry.


Do you struggle with worry and would love to release it? How can I pray for you?


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