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Have you been held back from learning creative Bible journaling art because you are not very artistic? If you are like me, you have seen gorgeous illustrations on Pinterest but couldn’t imagine how to begin!

I am so excited to share a few essential ideas that will help you get started. I want to build your confidence that God created you to have the ability to express your praise to Him in a unique way.

Is there something deep in your heart that makes you want to give this thing a try?

God is the creator of the whole entire universe. He is the Artist of all artists.

I know that deep inside you is an artist because that is the woman God created you to be!

That’s not saying that you can draw or paint perfectly. I don’t think perfection is part of God’s agenda.

You are an artist if you desire to magnify Christ through your amateur attempts to create artwork.

Think of how we are to “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD,” Psalm 98:4

We could change that to say, “Make joyful ‘art’ unto the LORD” and the same principle would apply.

When you sing, God is NOT interested in how beautiful your voice is because his concern is your heart. This same principle applies to your art because God is interested in your heart and not if your creative journaling turns out perfectly.

Simple Bible Journaling Ideas when Your Not Artistic

Wouldn’t you LOVE to READ MORE?

You are Invited to Join the Bible Journaling Workshop

You are invited to join me this fall over at A Little R and R with Rosilind Jukic for the Free Bible Journaling Workshop. We are participating with Good Morning Girls in the Word in the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge.

Each Wednesday during November, I will be sharing more ideas about creative Bible journaling art to help you make your Quiet Time more meaningful as you draw closer to Jesus.

This is really going to be easy-peasy. Let’s get started!