Summer Adventures with Kids


Summer Adventures are meant to happen but if we aren’t careful, time slips by and so does the warm weather!

That is why I took a break from my normal writing routine and came up with these grace-filled ideas for pulling off a wonderful summer with the kids in your life!

Whether you are a mommy with littles or a grandma caring for the kids this summer, these posts will help you face those kiddos with courage and well-planned activities at least on some of the days.

That way when fall rolls around, you can look back with fond memories instead of regrets because you never got around to spending quality time with your kids.

I hope these posts will bless you and not give you overwhelm. They are meant to inspire you to embrace your imperfection with grace.

The key is knowing that you are imperfect and may not pull everything off to perfection, yet, empowering you to take that step into your kid’s world so that you influence them for Jesus as you spent time with them.


Summer Adventures with Kids


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