Unconventional Guide to Fit Mom Kitchen Essentials

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What kitchen essentials would you need to be the fit-mom of your dreams? This unconventional guide up-levels your nutrition while having fun cooking!

If you have read a gazillion lists of what you need to make your kitchen experience better, you have likely left off reading the article after a quick glance.

Today I am sharing a selection of my favorite kitchen essentials. Some of these tools I have used for years while others are still on my ‘wish list.’ How often does the money slip away to buy breaks for the car or for a home emergency?!

When I was 27 (which seems like yesterday) I had a bladder infection while I was pregnant. Instead of taking the antibiotic, my GYN subscribed, I drank pure cranberry juice. It wasn’t Ocean Spray and because of that, it was rather tart. It did the trick and the doctor never knew I hadn’t taken his ‘miracle’ prescription.

And that was the beginning of my journey to becoming a fit-mom!

Unconventional Guide to Fit Mom Kitchen Essentials

Why Would You Want to Be Fit?


First of all, you need to know that I am not a doctor (a good thing), and until I was 20 wanted to be a nurse (but I dropped my nursing major), and neither am I a dietician or any other licensed professional. You will need to get your doctor’s advice before following anything I might share. My preferences come from my own personal experiences through years of raising 7 children and learning everything in the school-of-hard-knocks!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20s or 60s, you need to be a fit-mom. That doesn’t mean that you will have the same abilities I have today. You might excel anything I can currently do or ever could do or vice versa!

All that I am saying is how important it is to be your best fit-you for God’s glory!

Movement matters and gets your blood circulating to all your extremities. It helps your heart work better and allows oxygen to get to your brain. Eating better and munching on less junk has more to do with getting healthy than a workout. Both are important though.

You might desire to be a fit-mom (which includes grandmas) because God has something for you to do (if you are still breathing as you read this). Your children need you and if you are unable to move out of an easy chair by your early 50s or 60s, you will find it harder to be there for them!

It’s best to start your fitness journey in your 20s but even if you are older than that, it is never too late.

You can only improve your quality of fitness living.

I so strongly believe that you will live a more productive life for Jesus with kitchen essentials that encourage you to eat better.

I share a lot of Quiet Time tools on my blog but after you spend time with Jesus, there’s cooking and baking to do, right?

Do You Feel the Need for Speed?


I don’t know how your day goes, but I don’t have all day to be in the kitchen. It was like that even when I was homeschooling seven kids all the way through 12th grade. I had babies and toddlers while helping kids learn fractions and algebra (not to the same child.) I had to be ultra-organized with cooking but at the same time, it had to be simple.

I had the need for speed in getting the food from the freezer to the table!

One reason for speed was to cook supper before my energy levels depleted entirely.

Another reason I felt the need for speed is because there’s life beyond the kitchen. Yet,  it was highly important that it was tasty for my husband and not thrown together out of exhaustion.

Whether you homeschool, work-at-home, or work somewhere else, whatever you do in your life is important to God more than you realize.

I need speed these days because my work has shifted from homeschooling my kids to writing and creating for my blog. My husband still loves a delicious meal.

What do you feel your need for speed is?


Cooking is Pretty Much the Coolest Thing You Can Do!


After going on about needing speed in the kitchen, why on earth am I saying, “Cooking is pretty much the coolest thing you can do?”

How can this be anything but contradictory?

Cooking and preparing meals for your family is pretty much the coolest thing you can do because it speaks of your love for them.

You do NOT have to spend hours and hours sweating it out in the kitchen to pull together an awesome meal.

In fact, the healthiest meal doesn’t take quite so much time.

You can even prep your meals ahead of time each week to make it faster. I am going to be learning to do this really soon!

When you take the time to research the best practices for eating healthier to be a fit-mom, you will be indirectly showing your family how much you love them.

There are kitchen essentials that make your job easier, cut out the chopping, lemon-squeeze your cooking time, and all while keeping fitness at the forefront.

If I can chop all my veggies in a food processor or use a juicer (I need one) it will help me to become the fit-mom I’ve been dreaming about. Below you’ll find my favorite kitchen essentials that will speed my time in the kitchen up and all while keeping fitness front and center.


Fit Mom Kitchen Essentials


I either have the following fit mom kitchen essentials, a similar product, or it is on my wish list as a perfect gift idea! I will tell you my experience with the item, or why I hope to have it soon.

See if you can find the kitchen essential that I got for Christmas after the birth of my youngest son. You’ll learn what I used it for most and how old my son is now!


Muffin Pan

Healthy muffins made with whole grains and oats make a great way of bringing creativity to a meal. Not to mention full tummies! It is as easy to throw together a double batch for your family!

Popsicle Molds

Popsicles can be made healthy using yogurt or natural juice for the kids in your life!

Mason Jars

These pretty Mason jars go further than canning jellies and jams (which I used to do each summer). They are great for holding homemade yogurt you made in your new Instant Pot!

Glass Mason Jar with Handle

I drink my flavored water in a Mason jar because it is unique but also healthier to drink from a glass than plastic.

Infusion Water Pitcher

I desperately need one of these since it is a healthy way to consume 64+ ounces of water but also easier to do it once than each time you fill your glass! I’m going to get this one!


To be honest, I’ve never had a juicer but wanted one for years. I plan to get one as soon as we are out of the woods with the downturn of finances in how the stay-at-home order has affected our household!


A blender has so many uses. I have had one that I love for years that goes with my Bausch Mixer. I don’t care for the cheaper one I have and am looking towards getting a Ninja like I gifted my DIL. The Ninja is super powerful!

Food Processor

My food processor is an attachment to my Bausch Mixer (which mixes 4-5 loaves of bread). This is an excellent stand-alone mixer which I think is an excellent way to go!

Toaster Oven

LOVE LOVE LOVE this toaster oven because it doesn’t take up the whole counter. It is perfect when someone wants to warm up or toast something between meals. My teenagers always were keeping this one busy!


We replaced so many loved 4-slot toasters. If you are going to have a toaster it needs to make 4 slices or someone will be waiting!

Slow Cooker

Perfect for when you are out all day and want to come home to a quick meal! This is the slow cooker I currently have.


Instant Pot

I love my new Instant Pot and I am learning to use it. If you don’t have one, what are you waiting for? It is so possible to cook quickly and for weight loss or maintenance with one of these!

Kitchen Aid Mixer

I have had the very same Kitchen Aid Mixer for 25 years! My husband gave it to me for Christmas the year our youngest was born. I cried because we were broker than broke that year and not supposed to be gifting anything to each other. I ended up getting a Bausch Mixer because it’s bowl is bigger for mixing bread. With seven kids, I burned up the motor on the first one and got a second one (which still have) BUT my Kitchen Aid Mixer is STILL on my counter and is the same one I got 25 years ago! I love it and it is my mixer of choice.

Waffle Maker

LOVE making waffles and have had two over the years. You can make such healthy waffles with the grain choices available today. I have always ground the grain I needed to make super delicious waffles for my kids!

Coffee & Spice Grinder

My husband loves this Coffee Grinder and the freshness of grinding your own coffee beans cannot be beat!

French Press Coffee Maker

When my husband has extra time on the weekend, there is nothing better than French Pressed coffee!

These are all must-have kitchen essentials that cut down the time in preparing food for your family. Most of us want to carve out time for other things than just being tied to the kitchen. I think nutrition and eating clean and healthy are ultra-important but not if you are in the kitchen for hours. Those days are a thing of the past for our great-grandmothers who had no choice.

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