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Be a prayer warrior to help you through crisis!

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Are you struggling?  Are you feeling isolated and lonely?

These are unprecedented times and I am here to support and encourage you

That is why the Prayerfulness Mini-Journal will help you as you turn to God to help in times like you are facing today.

God knows and has your back. He cares deeply for you! 

The biggest thing you can do is pray. The Bible verses in this mini-journal will strengthen your faith as you learn to pray more fervently during this time.

This journal will intentionally Uplevel your time with Jesus.

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8 Printable Pages!

Bible Reading Plan!

There is no better way of growing closer to Jesus during a crisis than to spend time each day with Him. These 30+ verses give you the place to start in learning to ask God to teach you how to pray. You can read the whole chapter surrounding each verse or simply write out the verses in the Journaling Page provided in this download. There is something about copying the verses that connect with your brain and then your heart to internalize God’s Word. When you hide God’s Word in your heart, the Holy Spirit is able to bring it back to your memory when you need it most.

5 Journaling Pages!

This beautiful Journaling Page is perfect for recording your journey through the FREE Prayerfulness Bible Reading Plan. There is one page that you will download with this mini-journal. You may copy off enough pages for you to complete this Bible study on prayer. You will record your journey to a closer walk with Jesus through prayer by copying out the verse, Digging Deeper into the verse and recording your findings, Personal Application and Prayer Journaling to God about what you learned in His Word.

Frameable Verse!

This beautiful frameable Bible verse may be printed and hung on the fridge, laminated, or placed in a frame for years to come. You will be reminded of God’s faithfulness to you as you go through your life-journey.

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