Oh hi, I’m Judith!

and it’s my honor to MEET you!

Meet Judith, the owner, and writer of His Unmeasured Grace where she encourages and equips you to live with grace through faith, family, and fitness.

In addition to her work at His Unmeasured Grace, Judith is enthusiastic about faith journaling art, efficient home living, and rejuvenating through fitness.

Judith lives half the year in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania and the other half in the Northwoods of Wisconsin where she works from the comfort of her home.

And just like you, I have a full plate and overflowing life! By day, I’m an author, entrepreneur, blogger, journaling artist, video & product creator, and the CEO of my company, His Unmeasured Grace.

But it didn’t start out that way!   

It all started when I quit my job to homeschool our two kids and within a few years had 5 more! Most importantly I am a busy wife and will drop anything for my husband or kids. Twenty-five years later, my youngest graduated from our homeschool, and by that time I had been blogging for two years.

But IF it sounds like I had it ALL together, I did NOT!

There were days when everything ran smoothly but most of the time life happened. To be honest, I was often a hot mess and pretty much failed more often than not.

I’m sure I learned more through homeschooling our kids than they did. One thing is certain . . . by the time my kids were grown, I’d learned all the things I wished I’d known from the start.

Having TEN grandkids is the best. I am so thankful for God’s mercy in my life and second chances.

I have so much to share with you but not because I had it right the first time. It’s because I failed over and over and fell at the feet of Jesus.

He picked me up and gave me the grace to go on.

The Blessings of Reaching Our Ruby Anniversary

The summer I graduated from high school (in Hawaii), I visited my older brother’s family in Nebraska. I was helping them after the birth of their third son.

I discovered how little I knew about cooking and doing tasks like laundry!

I tried making mashed potatoes but had no clue how. So I tried beating the raw potatoes with a hand-held mixer!

After that summer, I went to college in California and took five years to complete college and graduate. Some things in my life (like tests) come hard but determination has always driven me to finish what I start.

Raising kids turned out to be a daunting experience that I was totally unprepared to do. We have seven amazing children through birth, adoption, and two after a tubal reversal.

One thing I’m learning is that life is filled with lessons and often because things didn’t turn out as planned. Sometimes things don’t even turn out right!

The thing to remember is when you place every single situation in God’s hands, He will take the reigns and control whatever comes. Because He is Lord.

Any wisdom I’ve learned is because of the Lord and came through a fiery struggle.

I’d love to be your Titus-Two older woman, not because I have it all together, but to share the lessons I’ve learned in my journey.

He turns my messes into grace-filled living. Because He lives in me!

How it all began . . .

I started writing for my first blog, WholeHearted Home in 2011 as a stay-at-home mom of seven. My last two were in high school and my twin-grandbabies lived with us. I cared for them around the clock (from birth until they were 18-months old) and kept up with writing. Somehow.

When I started writing, I was healing from the most difficult years of my life.

I often indirectly share lessons I learned during those years. My life is completely filled with imperfection. Anyone could point a finger at me because I have totally fallen short of God’s grace. Yet, He extends unspeakable grace to me as He does for you!

Ten years later

So ten years later I am writing for His Unmeasured Grace with a passionate desire to touch the lives of as many women as God allows. For many years, I felt alone in my struggles and the feelings of failure felt incredibly real by the end of the day.

Have you gone through deep waters on your journey through life? Do you pray fervently for your husband or children because they are not walking with Jesus, very ill, or your journey is rocky and troubled?

There’s an evil one stalking at every turn. Be vigilant!

I had a passionate desire that all my children would walk with the Lord but the reality is, each child has a free-will. God has no grandchildren! Each child chooses whether to follow Christ or not.

I didn’t do everything right but I was faithful in pointing each child to Jesus.

So ten years later, I am writing so YOU can make fewer messes than I did. I am writing to encourage you (and myself) not to give up . . . and pray more.

My central message is teaching you to restore your identity and worth in Jesus Christ.

It’s not based on one single thing you have ever done.

It’s not because you’re the best mom ever. It’s because you’re becoming the best mom as you allow Jesus Christ to fully live IN you!

So stick with me as I continue to write what God lays on my heart. My message to you is still developing as the Lord gives me clarity to share what’s placed on my heart.

What this website is all about

His Unmeasured Grace is a website dedicated to helping you live the grace-filled mom life. I do this by teaching you to love your husband and children in all that you do throughout your day. It starts with your time spent with Jesus. I share devotionals and videos showing you how to: study your Bible, do Scripture Writing, Bible journaling art, and so much more.

Your day doesn’t end after you read your Bible, that’s where it starts. That’s why I also share home-life solutions in order to streamline and free up your time so you can actually spend time with Jesus and live your life.

Too often I got bogged down doing. All. The. Things. I ended up totally stressed (ask my kids!!) and I really want more for you. I often wished that an older woman had come alongside me to teach all the things I share here on my blog.

Quiet Time Made Simple

At His Unmeasured Grace, we believe that spending time with Jesus is the most important part of your day. You might find time when you first roll out of bed, or if you’re like me it might be after your workout, if your kids are littles it might be while they nap, or your best time might be in the evening.

The important thing is to find time for Jesus. You’ll find many resources on the blog that will help you journal for Jesus. You’ll find Bible Reading Plans, Printable Packs, and Journaling Workbooks. I love creating these resources that will teach you how to dig deeper with your Lord and Savior.

Life Skills Made Simple

When I started blogging over at WholeHearted Home part of my emphasis was on the home. I will write more about this again this coming fall.

Do you have any areas that you struggle in and would like help with?

You’re Enough in Jesus

During the past year, I started to see how much my mindset was in the zone of, “You’re NOT enough!”

I would often say, “I’m so dumb” or things that didn’t reflect who Jesus created me to be.

Sure, I’ve failed over and over but that isn’t who God created me to be.

I’m a new creation in Jesus Christ and He is transforming me day-by-day for the rest of my life.

Yes, it’s through trials and fails that I learned to trust Him more fully and be changed into His likeness.

I want this for you too! You’re enough in Jesus!

In the past few months, I’ve created resources that will encourage and equip you to walk closer to Jesus and who He has created you to be.

You’ll find resources HERE and a course HERE that will build you up to live the grace-filled mom life because Jesus lives!

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