Easy Places For Your Quiet Time

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These easy places for your Quiet Time will give you practical tips that you might have overlooked. Rather than having a random approach to where you have your Quiet Time, why not have it in the same place every single day?

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Be sure to watch the video as well as reading about it HERE.

You will enjoy and be encouraged by this short video that will help you get organized to have a better time in the presence of Jesus.

The easy places for your Quiet Time are suggestions that worked for me during different seasons of my life. These may not be a good fit for you.

What season of mom-life are you in right now?

What works best for you and gives you a better, fuller time with Jesus each morning?

Do you ever waste 15 minutes searching for your Bible because you forgot where you left it?

You will love these tips for gathering your supplies so you can create and easy place for your Quiet Time.

You will also have some great suggestions on why you might want to read your Bible in the same place every day.

What are your suggestions for easy places for your Quiet Time?

Have Your Quiet Time in the Same Place

Do you want to have a better quiet time? If you want to actually enjoy your time with Jesus, these 7 easy places might help you to enter into His presence.

When it comes to spending meaningful time with Jesus, mom-life has its challenges whether your kids are littles or half-grown.  Even though my kids are grown and have kids of their own, my time is not necessarily my own and it helps to be intentional about my Quiet Time.

Before watching the video at the bottom of this post,you might want to stop and visit this post first!

That’s why these 7 easy places to have a better Quiet Time will give you ideas for where a good spot might be to meet with Jesus!


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