This Christmas Round-Up will help you deal with overwhelm during this hectic season as you prepare your home and heart to celebrate this wonderful season.

This year can be different for you as you’ll find in this Christmas Round-Up all the encouragement and resources to get your hustle going with so much less stress.

Read what I’m sharing with you by clicking the links below.

You’ll love Making A More Meaningful Christmas journaling workbook that will set the tone for each day with Jesus without feeling guilty because you didn’t spend an hour you didn’t have in the first place.

Visit the links below and have the most meaningful Christmas Round-Up as you celebrate Jesus’ birth this year.


Making A More Meaningful Christmas + Journaling Workbook

Home For Christmas: A Miracle Home-Going

Giving the Powerful Gift of Words this Christmas

How To Be Like Martha this Christmas

Irresistible Chocolate Truffle Christmas Tree

How to Beat Your Struggle for Self-Control this Christmas

5 Ways to Slow Down this Christmas

Preparing for Christmas in 4 Easy Steps

How To Quiet Your Heart This Christmas

Re-Evaluating Your Christmas Traditions

How To Get Your Home Christmas-Ready

5 Ways to Avoid A Covetous Heart this Christmas


Watch my Christmas videos that go along with our MAKING A MORE MEANINGFUL CHRISTMAS journaling workbook!

If you desire to slow down as we approach Christmas Day and really focus on Jesus, this journaling workbook along with these videos will be exactly what you need!!

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Watch for more videos to be added as we approach Christmas!!


Ordinary To ExtrAordinary At Christmas

Making Christmas More Meaningful

An Early Birth Announcement

The Imperfect Magi Came to Worship Jesus

Praising Mary’s Magnificent God

The Story of Jesus Starts with John


Drawing close to Jesus becomes so difficult during the month before Christmas. That’s why you will LOVE Making A More Meaningful Christmas – 12-Day Journaling Workbook!

You will have verses for each of the 12 days to read, copy, study, create a worshipful drawing or painting and so much more!  God gave you His ONLY Son as a Baby to be born into this sin-cursed world. GET this Journaling Workbook and you will be doubly blessed as you do it with me.

Making A More Meaningful Christmas