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5 Ways to Slow Down this Christmas

When Your Life is Full at Christmas Time

There are 5 ways that you can slow down this Christmas and still get things done.

Are you spinning out-of-control and with little time for anything extra?

My life couldn’t be fuller right now and I have hardly any time to write (except that a bit of inspiration hit) and I thought I’d share how overwhelming Christmas can become.


My life is full to the brim (and did I say overflowing too?!) and I am sure yours is too.

In fact. You probably don’t even have time to read what I am sharing.


You are desperate because you are sinking fast and losing your joy in the middle of your favorite season!!

I have seven children and LOTS of experience.

Mostly experience on how to over-stress, obsess, and become overwhelmed.

That ought to count for something because the Bible never said that the Titus 2 woman had it all together. She has only ‘arrived’ through trial and error.

I want this Christmas to be the most relaxed one yet. At least if you try doing these things and you are still up late Christmas Eve, just remind yourself how things would have been worse if you hadn’t even tried!!

I want to enjoy each moment because I am well rested and relaxed. I don’t want to repeat the mistake I made for years by staying up way past midnight on Christmas Eve.

Getting into God’s Word each day will help all your other Christmas preparations go much better.

Home Going

5 Ways to SLOW Down this Christmas

  1. Pick up but don’t deep clean – When you decorate, clean the room or area but don’t waste time deep cleaning. Picking up the clutter goes a long way in making a room look clean. You are adding many tasks to your schedule this month so don’t obsess.
  2. Quick clean 2-3 areas each day – Tackle the problem areas like the kitchen and living room. Pick up the clutter and vacuum but remember don’t obsess. Don’t forget to include the bathroom(s) each day and take 5 minutes to clean the sink, toilet, and wash the floor.
  3. Don’t stress and obsess. Work to get everything done BEFORE Christmas – I want to enjoy Christmas instead of being stressed. This was my goal even when the kids were growing up and although most years I was doing a LOT last minute, it couldn’t have been worse. Do what you can and it will be better than total procrastination. You are making memories for your children. They might remember the special things you baked, how you decorated, and how you made sure they had gifts.
  4. Get your shopping DONE!! You don’t want to be out in the stores on Christmas Eve (unless just for fun to watch the frantic shoppers) but home baking up a storm.
  5. Start wrapping EARLY! instead of staying up all night Christmas Eve! I always started wrapping as soon as possible. Some years that ‘sooner’ was ‘later’ but I always started before Christmas Eve. Use a *Sharpie to label the gift you just wrapped.  Have you ever had to unwrap a gift because you neglected to label it? Seriously. Marking the child’s name with a Sharpie worked for me rather than buying pretty labels.


Getting a head start and not procrastinating will allow you to slow down this Christmas. Maybe

Challenge: Work on the 5 ways to slow down this Christmas so you don’t stress and obsess as Christmas approaches.

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