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It is helpful to have some examples of Bible journaling art to get you started in your doodling journey.

When I first started about a year ago, I hadn’t drawn anything close to being called artwork since I was a young girl. If that is you too, you will find what I am sharing very helpful.

The first thing to know is, YOU CAN DO THIS!!


Examples of Bible Journaling Art


Secondly, you do NOT have to be an artist. Anything drawing or any lettering you do, helps you meditate on the passage in God’s Word and express worship to your Lord and Savior.

BUT you may not know where to start.

That is why having some examples of Bible journaling art will help to trigger your creative juices.

Didn’t think you had any creativity within you?

Think again.

You might be surprised!!



When I run out of ideas on how to get my creativity flowing, I often search on Pinterest for examples of Bible journaling art.

I can learn to draw by following the examples I find for Bible journaling art.

When my artwork (or attempt at art) is applied to the passage that I am reading, it comes out totally different than the example I used.

In the process, I learn to draw a little better and as I gain experience, I will develop my own style.

So will you!!


Are you a novice at Bible journaling art or have you been doing this for quite some time? What suggestions do you have? How do you learn to improve your skills?