The Beginner’s Guide To Bible Journaling

When You Aren’t Artistic!

If you are looking for a beginner’s guide to Bible journaling you are in the right place. You will find the best tips for getting started by reading what I am sharing today. This is an exciting journey to be on, so let’s get started!

The Beginner's Guide to Bible Journaling


I am hearing you say, but I’m really not artistic at all. I totally ‘get’ that because when I started journaling art a few years ago, I had not done anything artistic since I was in grade school!

God is the most amazing Creator in the history of EVER!

I think He placed a little creativity in each of us. He thinks you are the most amazing gal and no matter what you create when it’s done for His glory, He will say, “Well done!”

BUT . . . are you still feeling held back from learning creative Bible journaling? Is it because you don’t feel you are artistic?

I don’t blame you!

BECAUSE . . . you have probably seen the gorgeous illustrations on Pinterest that left you baffled on how to begin!

That’s how I felt!

Thing is, my first creative journals were awkward compared to what I can do now. That’s why I am going to take you through the beginner’s guide to Bible journaling even when you’re not artistic.

What is Bible Journaling Anyways?

You might be having self-doubt or thinking how this is nice, but you just can’t do it.

Seriously, Bible journaling art is for anyone on any level of artistic ability. I totally believe that God has a way of increasing our skills when we do something often.

If your artistic ability has been dormant for years or if you never really had any in the first place, that’s not important to God!

Just give it a try and never worry about whether YOU think it is beautiful. When your purpose is to glorify God and express your love to Him, it will be the best ever.

Bible journaling is really not a name that completely describes what it is. To me, it is also writing out scripture or verse mapping. That is because it’s important to also go deeper into God’s Word and renew your mind daily.

But what Bible journaling means to most people is really more accurately described as creative Bible journaling art. That is a mouthful and probably why it’s been shortened.

Bible journaling is an expression of praise and worship to God through art. You can create in many varied and interesting ways.

  • Coloring with pencil crayons!
  • Using acrylic paints!
  • With watercolors!
  • Decorating with Stickers or Washi-tape!
  • Applying napkins with decoupage!
  • Fun with stamp art!
  • Lettering the verse or words!
  • The ideas are endless!

Beginner’s Guide to Bible Journaling!

The first thing you need to start Bible journaling is to purchase a journaling Bible or notebook. You don’t need to start in a Bible if you don’t feel comfortable with that method. There are advantages to both and benefits to either one.

I have a similar Bible and LOVE it!

By going through my affiliate link, you can enter ‘journaling bibles’ in the Amazon Search Bar with the version of your choice. It will bring up many selections for you to choose from!

You can also use a notebook because it gives you extra space to create and if you’d like, space to copy out verses or give your own ‘commentary’ about how God is speaking to you.

The notebook below has many design choices for you. Although it is lined, there can be an advantage to that as it helps to have them as a guide.

If you prefer, an art sketchbook also works.

5 Beginner’s Tips to Guide You!

Beginners often freeze at the empty space in their Bible. Is this you?

The empty place on your page can be terrifying and especially if your Bible is brand new and you’ve never drawn in one before!

The first thing to remember in starting your new journaling journey is to keep it simple.

The next is to use your very own beautiful handwriting whether it is really pretty in your opinion or not.

God thinks it’s beautiful. Did you know that?

If you have ever noticed the most favorite fonts out there, the ones that are irregular, crooked, and uneven have become the most popular.

That’s why I always recommend using your own handwriting. I often deliberately make my lettering uneven because then no one will notice that one letter’s strokes are longer or shorter than another. Yep! That’s what I do!

So, use your own handwriting and stop being a perfectionist.

There are 5 EASY strategy tips that I often share on my blog or in my Facebook group Jesus Journaling.

  1. I first wrote out the verse using a ballpoint pen. You might want to use a pencil if you are new to this and unsure of yourself.
  2. Then, I used a pencil to thicken the downstrokes of the letters to color in later.
  3. I thought it would be helpful to take a picture before coloring it in so you could see what I did. I went over all the words in the two verses, bird, dragonfly, flower, and leaves with gel pens.
  4. Next, I colored the lettering in with either get pens or sharpened Prismacolor pencils. Yes, sometimes I don’t bother to sharpen them! For the banner at the top, I used a Crayola Twistable as I find they are terrific for lightly shading many things when I draw.

Learning to Pray While Bible Journaling

Learning to pray is something that we often don’t have time for in our busy mom-life. If you have time to do a little journaling art, you can learn to pray while you create your masterpiece.

It is easy to draw or paint without really thinking about the verse that you are centering your art around. Believe me, I’ve done that.

Praying is a discipline and something we need to consciously and intentionally include in our day. Otherwise, the evil one will keep us doing ‘good things’ that take away from prayer.

The last thing satan wants is for us to pray!

When you pray while journaling, you are inviting God into your experience and creating a God Atmosphere.

  • Draw near to God through your artwork!
  • Create a God-Atmosphere!
  • Creatively express Scripture to God!
  • Learning to pray the verse to God!
  • Worship as you draw and create!
  • Turn on some music or a devotional speaker!

Being Present with Jesus While Journaling

You might think you have no creative genes in your body! I challenge you to begin Bible journaling anyhow and experience the gift God has placed inside you.

Have your Quiet Times grown stagnant?

Are you pushing through each chapter as if it is totally boring? That can happen!

Maybe you are like me when my kids were little, and you are never alone for your Quiet Time! Include your kids in journaling art and teach them to color quietly while you spend time with Jesus.

Being present with Jesus while creating your Bible journal will help you do the following:

  • Bible journaling helps you to refocus your time spent with God!
  • It makes you feel like spending more time with Him!
  • Engages you in Bible reading!
  • Forces you to slow down and meditate!
  • And internalize God’s Word!
  • It’s NOT sometime to check off your to-do list!

The whole process of creating a journaling picture in your Bible allows you the time to meditate on Scripture.

Minimal Supplies for Beginners

You really don’t need the ULTIMATE supply list for Bible journaling. All you need is the minimal list of supplies to get you started below!

Common Questions for Beginners!

The following questions have been answered through my blog. What you can do is follow the link for the answer to the questions that give a solution for your personal need.

Question 1: How can you Bible journal when your time is limited?

Simplicity in Bible Journaling When Time is Limited

Question 2: What Bible should I choose for Bible journaling?

Choosing a Bible for Bible Journaling

The Last Thing Beginners Need to Know

I hope that this beginner’s guide for Bible journaling has been beyond helpful for you today. Don’t let any self-doubt hold you back because . . .



Start journaling for God’s glory as you go deeper into the Word. Love Jesus more and more each day as you find Him to be a priceless treasure!

What was ONE thing that stood out for you in this beginner’s guide to Bible journaling?

You will simply love the You Are Enough Journaling Workbook!  I made it, especially for you!

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