What is Bible Journaling and Why You Should Start

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If you’ve been wanting to start Bible journaling, I have lots of tips I can’t wait to share! These tips will help you become more creative in no time.

Bible journaling can become something totally exciting as you learn to interact with God’s Word each day. You may simply take notes in a separate notebook or in your special wide-margin Bible with enough space for you to express yourself creatively.

I have been Scripture Writing for years in a spiral notebook or 3-ring-binder. It never occurred to me to draw in my Bible until I started seeing beautiful artistic expressions coming through my Pinterest feed.

Soon I had my own journaling Bible and was trying out this wonderful way of expressing praise and worship for my God.




The Beauty of Bible Journaling


You may not have one drop of creativity running through your veins at all. I had never colored since I was a child. I had no idea if I could.

The beauty isn’t in whether you can draw or if you’re an artist. The beauty lies in the expression of your worship and praise to God.

Bible journaling is a way of interacting with the Living pages of Scripture as your heart engages with Jesus.

It doesn’t matter if you are copying Bible verses or recording your thoughts on what you just read. It is a way of drawing closer to the Lord as you think deeply about what you are reading.

I love Bible journaling and have thoroughly enjoyed drawing as part of my journaling.

The beauty of Bible journaling is that it doesn’t require that you are a skilled artist but that you want to draw closer to God through expressing your worship, praise, prayer, and experience God.


Being Filled Up with God


I am an avid Bible journaler. There are several times each week when you will find me ending my Quiet Time coloring in my journaling Bible.

I am not the most gifted artist but have found that it takes on a different kind of artwork.

When I am coloring, I find myself thinking deeply about the passage or verse that I just read. I am more closely focused on the Words and find that they come alive for me.

It is like I can actually feel God’s presence with me . . . because He is there with me in an unmistakable way!!

What I want is to live my life ‘being filled up with God’ and that is exactly what drawing in my Bible is doing for me.

Wouldn’t you love to have this happen for you too?


What Is Bible Journaling

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm. Proverbs 13:20



What is Bible Journaling?



Bible journaling isn’t just taking notes and copying verses into a notebook or in your Bible.

It is first studying a passage of your Bible, maybe taking down some notes or copying some verses, and then drawing or lettering out the verse or part of a verse that God used to speak to you.

Here are some examples of Bible journaling art to get you started.


  • It helps you to memorize God’s Word.
  • It helps you to have a conversation with God in prayer.
  • It helps His Word to go deep into your heart.
  • It helps you to praise God.
  • It helps you to worship God.
  • It helps you to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.


It is an activity that you will long to do even on days when it just doesn’t fit into the craziness of motherhood and life.


Why You Should Start Bible Journaling?


If you haven’t already started Bible journaling, I hope you do soon!!

I have already given enough reasons to convince you but I thought I’d share a few more.



When I pick up my pencil and crayons to draw:


  • Tension and stress leave my body.
  • Time stops still for a few minutes as I draw.
  • It is very relaxing.
  • Ability to focus mentally increases.
  • Contentment and happiness increase and melancholy and depression fade.


Those reasons don’t seem so ‘spiritual’ and yet they really are.

God wants us to rise above our circumstances and live fully dependent on Him.

What better way to fully live in His presence than to start your day in God’s Word, experiencing all the blessings of living with less stress, tension, and depression!

Want to read more about Bible Journaling? Then, read Examples of Bible Journaling Art to Get You Started


What struggles do you have that Bible journaling might provide a way to draw closer into the presence of Jesus?



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  1. So good, Judith!
    “Bible journaling is a way of interacting with the Living pages of Scripture as your heart engages with Jesus.”
    Yes! Love that definition.

  2. God bless you for sharing a new way to study the Bible. Im not a reader but this sure mught help me so Im going to try it, Thanks again.

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