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Your faith doesn’t start with your Quiet Time and end when it’s done. Your day should start with Jesus when you open your eyes each morning and be part of every single thing you do.

The Grace Studies through this blog are designed to equip you for the entire day. That is why I have created Journaling Workbooks, Scripture Memory Cards, Prayer Sheets, and so much more as tools for faithful living.

‘Weariness to Strength’ Grace Study

Weariness to Strength is a Bible study to encourage and equip women to walk closer to Jesus. As women, we all have our struggles and this will build your faith.

  1. Weariness to Strength Grace Study
  2. Are You Weary of Your Life?
  3. Are You So Weary that You are Growing Bitter?
  4. Are You Struggling with Weariness? Come to Jesus
  5. Does God Care When You Cry?
  6. 5 Ideas that Will Revive Your Enthusiasm
  7. Reaching Out as a Servant to Someone Who is Weary
  8. What to Do When You Grow Weary of Well-Doing
  9. How To Keep Burnout from Leading to Idleness
  10. You Won’t Faint if You See the Goodness of the LORD
  11. Why Writing Out Bible Verses Will Strengthen Your Faith
  12. How To Respond When God Doesn’t Remove Something Hard from Your Life
  13. Loving God is the Most Important Thing
  14. Putting on Strength and Courage of Jesus
  15. When Life Gets to You, Pray and Be Thankful
  16. How To Make God Your Refuge
  17. 5 Reasons To Praise God When Life is Difficult
  18. Do You Pray for Your Children’s Safety?
  19. Why You Need Fearless Faith
  20. 5 Amazing Reasons to Put Your Hope in Jesus

‘Living Fearlessly’ Grace Study

Learn how you can be a woman Living Fearlessly as you release fear, worry, and anxiety through the following posts.

  1. 10 Verses for Living Fearlessly with Free Printable
  2. What the Fear of God IS and is NOT
  3. 4 Snares to Avoid When You Fear Disapproval of Others
  4. Living Fearlessly Because Your Hope is in God
  5. 5 Reasons to Fight the Battle-Field of Anxiety
  6. 5 Ways that Prayer Lifts Your Troubled Heart
  7. When Worry Gets the Better of You
  8. Powerful Scripture Memory Cards to Release Worry
  9. Why it is Important to Pray Through Your Fears
  10. How Do We Carry On When Life Seems Pointless?
  11. How To Use the FREE Printables from the Living Fearlessly Series

‘Book of James’ Grace Study

James is such a practical book of the New Testament. You will find that you are challenged to grow as a Believer as you learn a deeper walk with Jesus.

  1. Welcome to Journaling Through James
  2. Authentic Hearers of God’s Word – James 1:19-27
  3. Why it’s Better Not to ‘Click-Off’ with Women at ChurchJames 2:1-13
  4. Putting Your Faith into Action – James 2:14-26
  5. Keep Your Mouth Shut – James 3:1-12
  6. Do You Have Envy and Strife in Your Heart?– James 3:13-18
  7. Solving Strife By Giving Grace – James 4:1-1
  8. Living in Humble Dependence on God – James 4:13-16

‘Book of Luke’ Grace Study

The Book of Luke grace study will take you through Luke at a pace you can handle. You can work through this at your own pace without this study taking off without you!

  1. Are You Standing in God’s Presence
  2. Do You Feel Unqualified?
  3. What Should You Do When You GeThis grace-study will take you through Luke at a pace you can handle. You can work through this at your own pace without this study taking off without you!t Discouraged?
  4. 5 Keys to Praiseful Living Takes Faith
  5. Is Jesus’ Birth Still Glorious News to You?
  6. How You Are Free in Christ
  7. How to Have Integrity in the Ordinary Things
  8. Dealing with a Wilderness Season
  9. Take Time and Get Alone To Pray
  10. Has Jesus Touched Your Life?
  11. Stand Strong in Your Faith
  12. Living Out Your Authority as a Mom
  13. Comfort When You are Grieving
  14. When Your Hope and Faith are Shaken
  15. 5 Reasons to Avoid a Weather-Vane Faith
  16. 5 Ways to Culture Passionate Love for God
  17. 5 Ways to Grow Your Faith with Patience

Bible Journaling

Have you ever tried journaling about what you read in your Bible? There are so many ways to journal about what you are reading in your Bible and I am hoping that what I share on my blog will inspire and encourage you to give it a try.

  1. How To Choose the Best Bible for Creative Journaling Art
  2. Examples of Bible Journaling Art to Get You Started
  3. How To Get Started on Your Bible Journal
  4. Beginner’s Guide to Your Bible Journal
  5. Choosing a Bible for Journaling
  6. Learning To Pray Through Bible Journaling
  7. How To Select a Verse for Journaling
  8. Why Adult Coloring is Good for You
  9. Bible Journaling Art for Anyone
  10. 20 Ultimate Supplies for Creative Bible Journaling
  11. Creative Time with Jesus Through Bible Journaling
  12. How You Can Make Your Life Count for Christ
  13. How To Deal with Waiting When Life is Hard
  14. Using Journaling Art Templates to Learn How To Draw
  15. Are You Going Deeper With The Cross Of Christ?
  16. Creative Journaling Art Using Repetition of Elements and Color
  17. How To Glorify God in Your Bible Journaling
  18. 5 Reasons Bible Journaling is a Legacy
  19. Free Bible Journaling Template: Using the Tracing Technique
  20. 3 Creative Bible Journaling Tips When You Have No Artistic Ability
  21. 4 Posts For a Quick Start to Bible Journaling
  22. Simplicity in Bible Journaling When Time is Limited
  23. 5 Easy Hand-Lettering Tips for Beginner Bible Journalers
  24. Expressing Your Faith Creatively with Art
  25. Does God Want You To Be Coloring Mandalas?

Bible Journaling Art Workshop

  1. Creating Awesome Journaling Art Using Coloring Pages
  2. How To Create Simple Letting for Beginners
  3. Simple Bible Journaling Ideas When You’re Not Artistic

Bible Journaling Devotionals

  1. How God Corrects You When You Sin
  2. 3 Things To Do When Your Armor Doesn’t Fit
  3. Learning How To Pray Like Elijah for God To Provide
  4. Thoughts of Encouragement: How God is Your Dwelling Place
  5. Has God Begun A Good Work in You?

Fitness Living

I am really excited to be adding Fitness Living to equip and encourage you to live in the best health possible to the glory of God.

  1. 5 Reasons to Workout Every Day
  2. 3 Ways to Curb Food Cravings and Go Deeper with God