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5 Posts for a Quick-Start to Bible Journaling

Have you been seeing awesome Bible journaling artwork all over Pinterest but are clueless where to begin? Here are 5 posts for a quick-start to Bible journaling that will make it so easy for you!

When I saw examples of Bible journaling for the first time about two years ago, I really wanted to do that too.

To be honest, I didn’t think that I could.


Because I hadn’t drawn anything since I was in high school. Even then, I was no artist and only did what I had to do in art class.

I am still not an artist but I do enjoy worshiping Jesus through Bible journaling and share about it in Jesus Journaling, our Facebook group connected with this blog.

I hope if you are already doing creative journaling art, you will share your tips too in the comments. I am sure that you have wonderful things that have worked for you.

I am only a beginner sharing as I go along.

5 Posts for a Quick-Start for Bible Journaling

The key is to start small and with baby steps increase your skill as you go. If you try to creative Bible journal like someone who has written a book on journaling art, you will get discouraged.

Thinking you can’t do this just is not allowed!

Just give it a try and then stick to it and persevere a with little improvements.

These won’t take you too long to read.

Hope they bless you and draw you closer to Jesus!!

Examples of Bible Journaling Art to Get You Started

How To Get Started on Your Bible Journal

Beginner’s Guide to Your Bible Journal

Choosing a Bible for Journaling

Learning To Pray Through Bible Journaling

I have shared more about Bible Journaling and would love you to read more!!

If you would like to join our group, Jesus Journaling on Facebook, we would love to have you!!