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Living the grace-filled mom life

As You to ‘Draw’ Closer to Jesus!

Bible Journaling

Follow me in the fun and spiritual joy of bible journaling. And try it for yourself!

Health & Fitness

Join me to explore how to grow in health, wellness and fitness – all for the glory of God!

Finding hope & grace for living the mom-life!

Journaling Group

Come join a growing community of over 1800 women in our Facebook bible journaling group.


Give yourself grace as you learn easy and practical ways to be a healthier mom, fit for God’s glory.


Let’s grow together in hope and grace as we live the mom-life as I share from my failures and victories.

Bible Reading Plans

Choose from a variety of bible reading plans that will bless your busy mom-life.

What is Bible Journaling?

Follow me as I creatively ‘draw’ closer to Jesus through Bible journaling. Try it yourself to experience hope and grace as you grow in your relationship with God.

Get your study today!

Follow me in a FREE Journaling Through James study! Study through the book of James right along with me.

Check out all my resources

Hi, I’m Judith!!

I’m thrilled you dropped over to His Unmeasured Grace! Grab a cup of mocha as I encourage you to live your best mom-life for Jesus. I’d love to help you build faith into your heart so even when life brings you through a valley, you will stand firm and hope in Jesus. All because Jesus Christ is sufficient and poured out His unmeasured grace on the cross for you!

Bible Journaling Resources

5 Strategies for Beginners

Too often the empty blank on the page can be terrifying. Especially if it’s in your Bible!

Verse Mapping

I never really felt like I knew how to study the Bible but lately, I have been learning how to really go deeper…

Going Deeper

I am challenging you to Go Deeper with God using the 30-Day Bible Reading & Writing Challenge…

Find Your Balance. See your hope. Live in grace. Grow in faith.

This isn’t a platform for complaints about how life has dealt with you or me. Instead, it’s a place of retreat when you don’t feel you ‘measure’ up. I want you to bask in the presence of God’s Holy Spirit and face your life with victory in Jesus.

If you have had hurts, disappointments, depression or melancholy, or you deal with health issues that make it difficult for you to function, frustration in your marriage, difficulty dealing with your kids in some way, or struggle in some other area, then this blog is for you!

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