Why Weight Loss Is The Hardest Thing To Do

Weight loss is the hardest thing to do and so you resolved, yet again, to shed those pounds!

You might be wondering why I’m sharing about weight loss when I normally write devotionals or post about Bible journaling.

What does weight loss have to do with your spiritual walk with Jesus?

A whole lot more than you think!

Why Weight Loss is the Hardest Thing To Do


Years ago, when I was 15 we arrived in Los Angles, California. I had grown up in Asia with my family and had anxiously waited for the day when we would come to the United States.

I remember vividly the impression those first few days made on me. My senses were alive as my eyes took in the city and my lungs wheezed in the unfiltered polluted air.

What fun we had on the rides at Disneyland!

But most of all was the shock that so many people were extremely overweight!

It is normal.

Ads in magazines, TV, and the internet encourage overeating until we tell each other that it is fine to have too much to eat.

I ate too much last weekend!

Then when it is time to lose just 5 pounds (or maybe 25 pounds) it is the hardest thing ever to do.

I have never been terribly overweight but I’ve had enough pounds to lose to learn from experience that it is the hardest thing ever to lose!

You know that losing weight is the hardest, most daunting thing ever to do. It takes steadfastness like you never knew you had. Maybe you can’t even lose those pesky pounds and they are stuck and won’t budge from your hips.

I know this is the hardest thing to do because it involves major changes in mindset and habit. It ends up to be a deep-rooted spiritual journey and if you are like me, you need help to get started.

Fear not! You might have grasshopper faith but it can be done (Numbers 13:33). There is a way to get help and accomplish weight loss.

During a crisis it’s so important to take care of YOU! That’s not being selfish it’s just reality!

Are you filled with anxiety and need to reset to respond with CALM to all that you are hearing and seeing?

Why Weight Loss is Important


When I was 25 pounds heavier, I lost motivation and was far more exhausted. Yes, I still had kids in our home growing up so I’m sure that was part of my exhaustion.

But extra weight is tiring. Think of it this way . . . If you were to carry two 5-pound weights with you everywhere you went all day, you would suddenly think they were heavy. And they are!

You would feel sluggish and unmotivated. Trust me.

If you have a ministry, you might find it difficult to be productive. You might be more sedentary.

My passion is to do all for the glory of God and I work very hard to keep from gaining weight so that I can be productive in getting my message to those who need it.

I am able to do this better when I am healthy and at a good weight.

Losing weight and keeping it off has been the hardest thing I have done. Although I lost 10 pounds since last winter, I am still struggling to get habits in place so I don’t gain it all back!


What I am finding is this . . .


Workouts are good to do but more than that, clean eating works wonders. Thing is that it is a constant struggle to eat right because try as I may, I haven’t got the willpower or self-control totally in place yet.

Weight loss and maintaining its loss is the hardest thing to do!


It has little or nothing to do with all the things I can implement. That’s why you might not be finding solutions even though you have tried a ton of weight loss programs.


Why Losing Weight is the Hardest Thing


I’ll give you an example.

For years I have binged on chocolate chips. Sorry, but it is the sad truth.

The struggle is real even though I take the most amazing supplements.

This is not really an addiction because I don’t eat them every day.

But when I am faced with the temptation to eat them, I often cave and eat way more than I should.


I highly recommend Victory Over Emotional Eating


By the end of the Victory Over Emotional Eating 4-week course, you will..

  • Learn God’s specific words from the Bible to use during food cravings.
  • Discover freedom from food cravings.
  • Know how to stop emotional eating in its tracks.

Every week of this 4-week Christian emotional eating course includes:

  • Videos explaining both practical tips to fight your cravings and ways to renew your mind and change the way you think about food and yourself entirely
  • Specific Goals to help you change your old, unhealthy habits
  • Printable Resources & Worksheets to give you something tangible to help you move forward
  • A Prayer to cover you as you tackle this tough area of your life

All of the resources we give you are valued at $99, but we are offering them to you for only $39!

Weight loss is really about finding self-control through the Holy Spirit and looking to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith (Hebrews 12:2)


You absolutely can find food freedom!


How to Find Food Freedom


What is food freedom?


  • Food freedom is enjoying food but not obsessing about it.
  • Food freedom is knowing I can have a treat and maintain my weight.
  • Food freedom is clothes that fit me last year at this time will fit me again this year.
  • Food freedom is the deep calm that comes from God working in my life to heal me.
  • Food freedom is no longer binging and overeating thousands of calories at a time.
  • Food freedom is eating pretty much the same amount of food whether it’s a weekend, the holidays, or on vacation.
  • Food freedom is absolutely fabulous.

If this sounds like an impossible dream, I want to assure you that food freedom is absolutely possible for you.  You can do it, I know you can!


Finding your food freedom will be a process.


Your Weight Loss Solution

During times like these online workouts and weight loss programs are the way to go!


Victory Over Emotional Eating 4-week course is for you if…


  • You eat when you are stressed, bored, or angry.
  • Food cravings overcome you and you can’t seem to stop them.
  • Your eating habits are affecting your weight.
  • You have tried many diets or healthy eating plans, but none work long-term.

Whether you find yourself struggling to lose a few pounds since menopause or your weight has been a life-long challenge, Faithful Finish Lines will teach you how to make your food issues a thing of the past.

During a crisis it’s so important to take care of YOU!

That’s not being selfish it’s just reality!

Are you filled with anxiety and need to reset to respond with CALM filled with anxiety and need to reset to respond with CALM to all that you are hearing and seeing?

filled with anxiety and need to reset to respond with CALM


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