When Life Gets To You, Pray and Be Thankful

When life gets to you, the last thing we often think of is to pray or be thankful!

I know that can be so true about myself!

I am usually strategizing and overthinking the issues in my life and trying to find answers.

But . . .

Where is God in all of this?

Why am I not doing what David did and praising God right from the start?

Today, I am continuing through twenty posts for a ‘grace-study’ on Weariness to Strength. We are looking at Psalm 9:1-12 and following the readings in a chart that you may DOWNLOAD for FREE HERE!!

How David Starts Psalm 9

When David sat down to pen this psalm, I am sure that his problem already existed. Yet he starts off giving praise to God with his whole heart.

David . . .

  • Praised God
  • Used his whole heart to give praise
  • Told of all God’s marvelous works
  • He was glad
  • He rejoiced
  • He sang to the Most High

This is something I am going to work harder on by talking to God about what makes me weary right from the moment life gets to me.

There is such strength to be found when we pray about what gets to us throughout our day. You will find this to be true too!

When Life Gets to You

The next two sections of this psalm are written in two sets of seven lines each.

I just looked into this briefly and it is called parralism when used in poetry. So interesting but I am digressing!!

In these two sections, David shares how his enemies are getting to him. He describes how they are turned back and fall in the presence of God. He goes on to tell about how God triumphs over his enemies.

You may not have ‘enemies’ that you are fighting with and you may not think of them as actual enemies.

BUT . . . You may have . . .

  • Relationship issues with your husband
  • Issues because of a divorce
  • Issues with your young children
  • A rebellious teenager
  • Relationship issues with adult children
  • Financial stress
  • Health issues
  • Fill in this blank _________

These issues are like enemies to our spiritual and even our physical well being. They can wreak havoc on us emotionally.

God knew we would need encouragement and He gives that to us through what David wrote in this chapter in Psalms.

How To Deal with Life When it Gets to You

Don’t you love how Psalm 9 ends?

The last 8 lines are two sections of 4 lines each.

They describe how to deal with life when it gets to you.

Here’s How: Psalm 9:9-12

  • The LORD is your refuge when you’re oppressed – Hide in Him!
  • God is your refuge in times of trouble – pray and be thankful!
  • Put your trust in God – He is ‘there’ for all that know His name!
  • God does NOT forsake you – Seek God and He will NOT forsake you!
  • Sing praises to God – At home, in your car and not only at church!
  • Declare His deeds to others – Don’t be silent about what God has done for you!
  • God does NOT forget the cry of the humble – God loves it when you are humble!

When life gets to me, I ‘live’ in the Psalms. So much of the Psalms are so encouraging through times that are hard in life.

When you are weary of your life and just don’t know where you will get strength from to get through your day, turn to the Lord in the Psalms and see what He has to say to you!

Your weariness will be turned to strength as you rest in the Lord Jesus Christ.

When life gets to you, do you turn to Jesus for strength like David did in Psalm 9? How have you seen God turning your weariness into strength through this study?

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