I am so excited for you to join me in Going Deeper with God in 30 Days with this Bible Reading & Writing Challenge.

Going deeper with God shouldn’t be something we do only for this challenge. We should be going deeper with God every. single. day. for our entire life as a Christ-follower.

This is a journey I have been on for several years and I am sharing about it because I know how much it will bless you. I am offering you this Bible Reading & Writing Challenge for you to DOWNLOAD HERE so you can get going on our Bible study for the next 30 days.

It won’t matter when you start this challenge. It will work anytime you’d like to get to it!

Going Deeper with God Printable Pack


Why Do You Want to Go Deeper with God?

Is this the yearning of your heart like it is mine?

Do you desire to go deeper but fail almost every day?

That is why I put together 30 days with a verse (or a few verses) to get you started working through during your time with the Lord. There is no ‘magic’ formula for culturing a deeper walk with God.

It isn’t about reading the Bible or even praying. Those two things are all well and good but if you don’t know Jesus and have a relationship with Him, there is no way you can go deeper with Him!

Do you want to get to know God better?

Are you unhappy with where you are at today in your Quiet Time (time spent with Jesus) and want to know Him more?

That I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death. Philippians 3:10

A Holy Dissatisfaction with Where You’re At!

We are to be content with what we have but dissatisfied with where we’re at!

Going deeper with God means that you will have a holy dissatisfaction with where you’re at!

You will be unhappy about where you’re at spiritually.

It means you will want more of Jesus!

Going deeper with God is about spiritual growth. You will desire with all your heart to grow spiritually and have a closer walk with Jesus through:

  • Relationship with God!
  • In-dwelling of the Holy Spirit!
  • Desire causes you to grow!
  • Transformation as you become more holy!
  • Faith stretches you to grow in faith!

How To GET the Bible Reading & Writing Challenge

You will love this Bible Reading & Writing Challenge! It is just that . . . a challenge!

Here is what you do . . .

  1. Download the 4 Page Printable Packet BELOW!
  2. Each day look up, read, and underline the verse(s)!
  3. Look up the verse and passage in BibleHub.com or your favorite Bible referencing tool and follow the references to similar verses. This can take 5 minutes or longer!
  4. Write out the verse on the worksheet page!
  5. Write about what ‘Happened’ in the verse(s)!
  6. Write about how you can apply this verse(s) to your life or situation!
  7. Write out your fervent prayer to the Lord!
  8. Draw or doodle about the verse(s) and share it is the Jesus Journaling Facebook group!

Pray that during these 30 days,  you will grow spiritually and really start going deeper with God. I am going to be doing this challenge too and hope you will be joining me!

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