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Bible Journaling Art is for Anyone including YOU!!

I have been coloring in my new Journaling Bible and loving it.

The amazing thing that many women are finding is that they love to color. Their artistic skills have been dormant since elementary school and the business of life has caused the things they once loved to be forgotten.

It is time to awaken the forgotten love of creating something beautiful.

Why not do it as a way of worshiping God and internalizing into our hearts what He is sharing with us each day as we read His Word?

What is this Bible Journaling Anyhow?


A journaling Bible has wider margins so there is room to keep notes. Before coloring or painting in your Bible went viral, people used to jot down notes in these margins.

I began seeing Bible Journaling on several blogs and on Pinterest. If you Google Bible journaling images you will find many examples there too!

You can also join my Facebook group, Jesus Journaling where we share our Bible journaling art. Membership is for anyone who loves to do journaling art and loves Jesus.

There are many ways to be creative in your journaling Bible and many methods.

There are as many art supplies and tools for this creative venue as can be imagined. The sky is the limit!

My Journaling Bible

After Christmas, I ordered a KJV Journaling Bible and waited with anticipation for it to arrive. It never came. After two months I did some research and ordered another one.

I am so happy with my Holman Journaling Bible because there is a 1.75 inch space in the margin for drawing.

I also love that there is just one column for the print. It just seems to make reading so much easier.

I will share all about it in another post!

I Color. I Don’t Paint

There are some real artists out there in the cyber-jounaling world who paint some awesome pictures in their Bibles.

I have never tried painting in my Bible. Yet.

I am just a kid in a grownup’s body and coloring brings contentment and relaxes my spirit while I meditate on what I just read.

I will share my method and what I am learning soon.

Some Examples of My Journaling Art

Here are some rough examples of my Bible journaling art. Just remember to give me grace because I just started this month!

This first picture is at the end of the book of Job. I started to Bible journal as we finished up Job and just couldn’t wait to get started!

Bible Journaling Art 1

I have been reading the gospel of Mark as we are in the last week before Easter. It has been amazing!

I use Twistables and Zig Caligraphy Multicolored Markers (love them both) at this point. I would love to have a set of Prismacolor Soft Colored Pensils but I will have to wait and hope I get them for my birthday!!

Bible Journaling Art for Anyone 2

These are just a few examples of my latest passion to express my love for the Lord and His Word through art. I just color. That’s it.

Painting is less forgiving and probably for the true artist. I am just a kid that never grew up in an adult body.

Bible Journaling Art for Anyone 3

I hope you join me in being creative as you study God’s Word. Interact with His Word while worshiping Jesus through your creativity.

I hope to be sharing more about Bible journaling in the days and weeks to come as time permits. Thanks for joining me today!

Were you inspired to creatively express yourself in response to reading God’s Word?