Does God Care when You Cry?

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Oh Yes, He Cares when You Cry!!

You might not be one to cry too easily like I used to.  I could cry buckets and still had tears left. It was totally embarrassing if I was around friends.

BUT . . . it is possible to cry on the inside where no one can see. Hurting is real and it can leave us thinking that God does not care about what we are going through.

Have you ever been to the ocean? I grew up near the ocean so that was a big part of my childhood.

Standing with your feet in the water as the waves crash around you, then lifting you up and then tossing you down, can be much like this Psalm.

You feel like you will sink!

Then just as suddenly, the waves crash together from two opposite directions. If you tried,  you’d never be able to stop them from colliding.

Have you ever tried to control your circumstances and stop them from smashing you against the rocks?

Finding Comfort in Psalm 69 for Your Tears



But as for me, my prayer is unto thee,

O Lord, in an acceptable time:

O God, in the multitude of thy mercy hear me,

in the truth of thy salvation. 

Deliver me out of the mire,

and let me not sink:

let me be delivered from them that hate me,

and out of the deep waters. 

Let not the waterflood overflow me,

neither let the deep swallow me up,

and let not the pit shut her mouth upon me. 

Hear me, O Lord;

for thy lovingkindness is good:

turn unto me according to the multitude of thy tender mercies. 

And hide not thy face from thy servant;

for I am in trouble: hear me speedily. Psalm 69:13-17

This is a Psalm of David in which he is painting a picture for you. He shares the image of the waves crashing around you as your circumstances become out-of-control. Your control.

He helps you see how you can ride the waves to safety, although your problems are devastating.

David uses the rising waters as a picture of his troubles that are rising like water coming into his soul. Deep mire where you can’t reach your feet to the bottom!

I know many women just don’t cry much. They can control their tears and save them for later.

I have had days when I cried all day. I was swimming in my tears. Yet, I know God keeps my tears in a bottle. (Psalm 56:8)

Praying When You Feel Like You Could Cry

When your life brings weariness, you can find strength in Jesus when you cry out to Him.

  • Pray to God because it is an acceptable time.
  • God has mercy to give you!
  • Thank Him for your salvation.
  • He will deliver you.
  • He will not let you sink.
  • He won’t let the waters (your problems) overflow you.
  • He will not let your trials overcome you.

Do you cry out to Jesus? I know I need to make this my first response instead of my last resort!

I am weary from my crying; my throat is parched. My eyes fail, looking for my God.  Psalm 69:3

God Cares and Hears when You Cry




When you cry out to God and seek Him with all of your heart, like David did, God will hear your cry for help. God cares more than you can comprehend.

  • He hears your cry.
  • His lovingkindness is good.
  • He turns the multitude of his tender mercies toward you.
  • He does not hide His face from you.
  • When you are in trouble, He hears you quickly.

This Psalm is so reassuring that God cares infinitely more than I can comprehend when life is hard.

Seek God with all your heart until you find this to be true in your life.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Have you found it to be true in your life that God cares when you cry? Cry out to Him for help when the waves of life crash around you!

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    1. Oh Leah! I am so thankful that the Lord blessed your heart through this post. God cares about you so deeply in whatever you are going through.

    1. Thank you for this. It helps me a lot to realize that I am not alone in this journey. That I have God to lean to whenever I feel emptiness and sad of my life. That we live by God’s love and grace and he will not let us down because he is always there to lift us and listen to our prayers. He always forgive us even though we Committed a lot of sins.

      1. Hi Steph! No, you are NOT alone! I used to always feel that way until I realized there were others feeling similarly. I will be praying for you. Thank you so much for sharing.

    2. I’ve been having horrible mind things that have been making my body feel actually feel sick and it makes me panic so hardd stressing me tf out with my mind I have 2 of them the other is just being so awkward in front of everything even in my own room alone unless I get distracted for a few seconds I need help pls I’ve been suffering with this for ever since I was a baby and nothing is helping I’ve had so many people trying to help and praying and I’ve been doing it too forever nobody seems to hear and I’m getting so sick and tired of this I dont think it will ever leave theres only 1 way now but I cant find nothing to do it if only I lived in a city with high buildings and cliffs.. help me i dont even wanna do this I love everything about my life but the way my brain thinks I have no other choice but to..

      1. Jade . . . God cares very much about you and loves you so much! Please find a pastor or Christian counselor who can help you get through this. Dear Jesus, please help Jade to find the help that she needs. Give her your indwelling Spirit and give her Your peace that passes all understanding. Fill her mind with only pure things. Help her not to watch anything that would put evil thoughts into her mind. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, bind Satan and his demons from having any power over Jade. Thank you Jesus for being Jade’s healer and help her to allow You to help her. In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

      2. Hi Jade,

        I am praying for you.. but please respond if you are able so that I can follow up with you and perhaps offer assistance. I’m wondering if you’re referring to an OCD condition, or perhaps similar. Please know that you are not alone and there is hope..

        God bless you sister,

  1. Just lost our son to an overdose of heroin last year.he was only 27 and left us with 2 beautiful husband has been dealing with his passing.he is drinking hard liquor. I am praying for him so hard.but God says he how dont help themselves wont help I’m not praying for him prayers are going unanswered.

    1. Yes, Donna! God DOES care when you are going through deep waters like this! The most devastating thing that can ever happen is to lose a child. It doesn’t matter if they are a baby or an adult like your son. Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. God cares about YOU and your husband. Although it seems like God is not hearing your prayers, He is! Each person has a free will and it is their responsibility to respond to God. You have the choice to respond too. God wants you to allow Him to comfort you through the loss of your son and be able to encourage your husband. As long as people have breath, pray for them. This is a tragic situation but never for a minute think that God doesn’t have a purpose in it all. Your two beautiful grandchildren NEED you!

    2. Hi dear
      My name is Jo I was sad when I read your comment. I will pray for your husband and all your family God bless you

    3. I just read your comment Donna and I’m sorry to hear about your son and about what’s going on with your husband. I just want you to know that I will be praying for you both. I had just come back from not praying for a while and I think I needed to, I’m very lost in life as I’m sure your husband is but you have each over and I have faith soon he will get better and sober or at least cut down. God bless all of you and everyone on here. Thank you

  2. i am going through a struggle right now with eating anxiety and depression. Been up and down emotionally. Cried on and off, read the Word and prayed a bit. Reached out to others for help. I think the cry of my heart is God help me, and God get me out of this. It’s so frustrating, thinking you’ve conquered, and then next day you’re back on the ground again.

    1. Hi Sarah! You are not alone because so many women deal with eating, anxiety, and depression issues. If you put any of those words into the search near the top of my blog, it will give you a selection of posts to read on those topics. Part of the journey through life is a step forward and two steps back. God is continually working on us and refining us. Do you get my newsletter? That might be helpful and encouraging to you. If you don’t get it, the signup is on the top menu bar where it says, Prayerfulness Mini-Journal. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m praying for you!

  3. I was in a relationship for over9 years, trying to move forward in this relationship, but he was dragging his feet. Said he woukd never marry, which was fine, i just wanted a place with him, and to finally start living our lives together, not just on the phone and see each other maybe on the weekends. Then he started , coming up with things to start fighting about, which made so sence, and i told him when he would call he would just start a fight. Told him this is not how we help our relationship. He wanted me to get a loan only in my name for 17,000 , but I need something better to drive my poor lil s10 truck was falling a part. And was trying to get him to understand…i needed something better to drive to my job, and i Need that commitment id been waiting for. He woukdnt even move in with me. And was calling me names and etc. He got mad at me for saying no, and hooked up with his girl at his job. She was getting money from an inherent. He moved in with her cause she already had a home , spent 17,000 dollars on a atv, and got him a new truck, 2017 dodge ram, full double cab. Then she got that for his birtday. Then hot him a brand new trailer to pull his new atv around .she and him have been together for a year now but shes got him all the things he wanted and they got married 6 months in to that year. I just wanted to reach out to someone for help. I have been so devasted for 11 months now, pray and pray for God’s help. I have cried everyday.

    1. I’m so sorry Annette for the intense grief and disappointment you have faced through this relationship. I know this has been hard for you. God love you and cares about all that you have been through. If this man wanted you to buy these things in order for the relationship to go forward it would have never been worth it in the long run. I know that doesn’t help because your heart needs to grieve and process all this. It is never worth giving up your purity for a relationship and never worth being used by the man. Marriage won’t make those things easy. Even though it is hard to see now, God has saved you from deeper heartbreak than you are feeling at this moment. God calls you to holiness. That is more important than dreams for happiness in a relationship or marriage. This man found someone who was willing to do more than you knew should be done. You were right in saying no. God cares. That is something to remember each time you’re feeling sad about the loss of this relationship. Thanks for sharing your burdens with me.

  4. I am so broken I am 50 years old my boyfriend of 4.yrs dumped me . I love him so much. He is addicted to porn I asked him to stop but he gave me up instead. He said he loved me I wanted to marry him. But he always made excuses. I’m hurting bad. I have cried and cried asking God to hear me. But Nothing I love this man but I cant make him change.

    1. Hi Cassandra! Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing from your heart. I know this is hard to hear, but if your boyfriend dumped you because of the porn that has hold on his life, he is not worth your love. It is better to remain pure before God no matter what your age. I know you are hurting from this but it is an opportunity for you to seek God with all of your heart like never before. I hope you find help through other things that I have written on my blog. Blessings.

  5. My husband of 18 years confided that he had a relationship with another woman for five years and supposedly ended a month ago. We have two young men ages 20 and 16. I am devastated beyond measure. I have prayed many weeks for him and for me. He says his soul is tormented and that he is a failure as a husband. I love him so much and I know everyone will tell me to leave him but I find it hard to do so with little of my own to start over. We have not discussed divorce or separation yet as everything is still new. I haven’t been able to eat and I’m not sleeping well. I have lost 10 or more pounds over the last three weeks and I have hardly any joy left. I feel like giving up completely but am still clinging to God for help. Praying so hard and feeling so sick all the time; throwing up the little bit of food i am able to eat. My 20 year old is my best friend and he knows what’s going on; the 16 year old does not. I’m hurting so badly and I don’t know what to do. God help me! I read that God is for marriages and that if you ask for the desires of your heart, it shall be given to you. I know that’s only if it aligns with God’s will. My 20 year old says I’m forcing things right now and I need to back off – stop trying so hard. I’m scared if I stop trying I will come off cold and heartless, two things I’m not. God help me please! I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. I don’t think I’m as strong as my family and friends think I am. I’m scared that I’m going to let them down. God help me please ! I beg you!

    1. Hi Bree! Thank you for sharing so transparently about your marriage struggles. God is faithful and is with you in all that you go through. Although wives can do so much you can do to improve a marriage, it is a choice both husband and wife make. You can do your part and sometimes that breaks your heart. Your husband has to answer to God for his part. Maybe you can find an older woman in your church who can give you counsel. You can also read other articles I have written to give you encouragement. You can also email me privately. Hope this helps to lighten your day.

    2. My life is terrible right now. I lost my daughter, my sister and sister in law in less than 7 months. My health is bad, i pray everyday for peace, but still cry all my waking hours. I hope God hears my prayers.

      1. Dear Charlene, I am so sorry that you have experienced such great loss in such a short time. To lose a daughter is such a terrible loss. Then a sister and SIL. Take care of your health and look to Jesus because He cares and hears your cries of prayer. You can be a blessing to others going through things like you’ve experienced once you are stronger. Have you joined Jesus Journaling on Facebook? You might find fellowship with other women and by seeing the artwork that is shared. There might be other groups for grieving Christian women that can help you through this time.

  6. Hi,
    I am going through lot of stress, disappointments and pain that I can’t share except with God. Sometime I feel, is God really see my cry?
    The word of God in this blog encourages me.

    Please pray for me to see HIS hand in my life.

    1. God does see all that you’re going through even when you feel all alone. God is always there for you to pour your heart out when there is no one else who is listening. I have gone through incredible stress and know this to be true. Trust God. Have you signed up for my weekly emails? I am so thankful that God is using what I share to encourage you.

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