5 Easy Hand Lettering Tips for Beginner Bible Journalers

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Hand lettering can make or break your Bible journaling art project and when you are a beginner, you’ll need these 5 easy tips to get you started!!


5 Easy Hand-Lettering Tips for Beginner Bible Journalers


I’m not an expert or an artist and my hand lettering doesn’t always turn out the way I’d like.

I love sharing what I’m learning with you and since I have had questions about how to Bible journal, I thought we could learn together about hand lettering.

It can be intimidating to copy a phrase or verse into a page of your Bible or notebook. I get that! What if you mess up or smear the letters? I hope what I share will equip and encourage you to lose your fear and just DO it!


Psalm 34:8


Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! Psalm 34:8

1. Choose Your Pens and Pencils


If you are a beginner and just getting started you don’t have to break the bank! I promise!

I still haven’t bought one single pencil because my kids conveniently left their mechanical pencils when they moved out.


What Kind of Pencils?


Pencils can be ‘led in’ pencils that you must sharpen. What I don’t like about these is that they can become dull. My preference is the mechanical pencil that always stays sharp.

Led pencils can be hard or soft and can range from 6H (hard) – 6B (soft), with HB being the middle of the road.

But . . . keep in mind that if you’re just getting started, you can buy an inexpensive pencil and it should work for you. Remember that I am using my kids’ leftovers.

Seriously, some of the pencils I have are BIC! Nothing fancy!


What Kind of Pens?


The choices available in pens are unlimited! Just visit any Walmart or store where office supplies are sold and you will be overwhelmed and not know which to buy!

I also like shopping at Amazon because I can find exactly what someone has recommended.

My all-time favorite are the Micron Pens but most of the time, I just use Prismacolor Colored Pencils since I am lettering in my Bible. In some Bibles, the pen can bleed through to the opposite side of the page. It is best to test the pen on one of the last pages of your Bible.

I have both sets of these pens. The black pens come in different ‘tip’ sizes. My favorite size is about 03!


2. Choose Your Bible


The Bibles available for journaling keeps growing and growing. I am totally amazed at the beautiful Bibles that can be found locally even at Walmart or on Amazon.

Here are just a few to get you started and then from there, you can find the version you prefer.

The turquoise Bible is gorgeous and I would love. love. love to have one like it!

I love My Creative Bible and if you need help getting started, it has many pages that are already done for you that you can color in. The rest of the pages are left for your creativity!

My current favorite Bible is the ESV and a single column is a lovely choice for journaling!



3. Practice Makes Perfect!


Most days, I doodle in my Bible even if I don’t finish a project. It keeps your hand muscles primed up and keeps you from thinking you need huge blocks of time in order to do your lettering.



If I was to suggest just one book to learn the skill of lettering your Bible, hands down, I would recommend Hand Lettering 101!!

What I love about it is that you can trace the letters right in the book and then practice different styles on the given pages. It is a really awesome book!!


When you are forming your letter, take your time. Don’t rush! If you do, the lines of your letters will come out jagged and uneven. I’m sure that you can see this in some of my projects.

You won’t be happy with the outcome if it turns out messy. The shapes you make for the letters on the page are the building blocks of your creation. I first outline the letters and words and then go back and fill them in with more fullness and detail.


4. Just Start Hand Lettering!


Isn’t it easy to read about lettering and Bible journaling and not get started? Fear is most likely the cause!

Just get started with your best attempt at hand lettering!

Don’t worry if your letters are jagged at first. Just do it!



I know I said to be careful not to have jagged lines in your letters but at first, that is just part of your lettering project.


  • Start by reading a passage in your Bible!
  • What verse spoke to your heart?
  • Copy out that verse in a journaling notebook!
  • Find another verse or two that are similar!
  • Using a pencil, trace the letters onto your Bible page!
  • If that scares you, start in a journaling notebook or artbook!
  • Trace over the letters with your Micron Pen!
  • Color into the letters or decorate the page with your colored pencils!

5. Share Your Finished Piece!


Take your practice lettering pages and work on finishing an awesome project (if you haven’t already!)

You might have found a style that you prefer. If not, use what you’ve learned to give your own hand lettering a style that is all yours.

One thing you can try is to use different styles of lettering on the same page. That can cause words from your Bible verse to stand out!

Remember to start by tracing out a simple outline and adding shading and features that will bring your creative journaling art to life! When you are finished, lightly erase any pencil marks that remain.

Did you find this enjoyable?

Did you put on some soft relaxing praise music while you were drawing and hand lettering?

Finished? Share it in the Facebook group Jesus Journaling!


How long have you been hand lettering? What can you add to what I have shared?


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  1. Hi Judith,
    I am really loving your blog as I am exploring more and more each day! You have a lot of information that is valuable and useful for moms and Christians! I love it! There’s so much to go through that I haven’t found the best place to start. Doh! I know you have a “Start here” button! However, I love just browsing thru your beautiful website. This page especially caught my eye as I love Bible journaling and plan to write a post about Bible journaling for beginners on my website https://sharinglifeandlove.com/. I’d like to also include useful Bible journaling materials for newbies, but I still feel like such a newbie to everything myself! I just got into Bible journaling about 5 years ago and haven’t been very consistent with it. I have the Inspire Bible and the Thrive Bible – 2 of them actually, which I am currently using now. Is it okay to do Bible journaling every now and then if you are doing Bible study and Bible reading daily? I think so, but I’d love your take! Can’t wait to check out more of your website. Thanks so much for sharing all of this great stuff!! All the Best, Michele

    1. Hi Michele! Nice to meet another writer/blogger. It is ok to share about Bible Journaling even when you’re new. You can always grow with it along with your readers like I did.

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