The Book of James: Where is your heart? + Video

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“Where is your heart?” You will discover the answer to this question in this video introduction to the God-inspired book of James.

Sometimes it is easier to just sit down at my kitchen table and chat with you about the things God has laid on my heart. That is what I would love to do with you right now.

So, before jumping down to click on the video, pause, slow down and grab a nice warm mocha (or whatever). Then turn on the video and imagine we are sitting across from each other in my kitchen.

Where is Your Heart


In this video, I will be sharing an introduction to the book of James that will challenge and inspire you in your calling as a mom.

James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, To the twelve tribes in the Dispersion: James 1:1

James is such a wonderful book for moms!

It is a good book to start Bible journaling in 10 minutes a day!

Most of us are moms or if not, we have those in our lives that we ‘mother’ and love on.

The one thing that stands out most in this verse is that James introduced himself as a servant. He never mentions that Jesus was his half-brother or that he was one of the 12 disciples.

Instead, he brings himself under the authority of God and identifies himself with the Lordship, humility, and Messiahship of Jesus.

I could ramble on and on until all that I share in the video is repeated here. That would defeat the purpose of using video to be with you as a friend.

So, watch the video and then leave a comment. Oh, and don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my You Tube channel. You’ll be glad you did because I have all sorts of things planned in the coming months!

Did you get your coffee?

Good! Let’s sit down at my table!

Has this spoken to your heart in some way? How can I pray for you?

Get your Journaling Through James Workbook by Judith Kowles and give yourself grace in the fails of mom-life!

Journaling Through James

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