Creative Journaling Art Using Repetition of Elements and Color

Did you ever think that repetition would simplify your creative journaling art while bringing a stunning appearance to your drawing? When you repeat elements and colors, it simplifies while making the design and colors pop!

You might be new to Jesus Journaling and need ideas on how to start. Seeing the blank empty space in your Journaling Bible is overwhelming and you know there has to be an easier way!

I have been journaling for years and have filled many spiral notebooks with thoughts and Bible verses I wrote out during my Quiet Time. Jesus Journaling is newer to me as I have only been drawing in my Bible for a year-and-a-half.

Creative Journaling Art Using Repetition of Elements and Color

My original drawings were simple and I colored with Crayola Twistables. That shows you that you can use what you have instead of buying all the items on your wish list.

Repetition of Artistic Elements

When I doodle, I draw flowers. The only problem is that my flowers were always the same simple flower.

They looked like the one below!



That is pretty simple, right?

If you look at the picture in my Bible, there are two different kinds of flowers, leaves, vines, and sets of dots that surround a scroll with the verse on it.

To be honest, I’m not thrilled with the clarity in my lettering. It didn’t really turn out too well.

Drawing for Jesus is kind of like singing to the Lord.

When we sing, we are to make a joyful noise to the Lord. It isn’t about the beauty of our voice but about our heart worshipping the Lord in our song.

Bible Journaling is much like singing to the Lord.

Your art is unto the Lord and isn’t about how good you can draw. That is why it is okay that my lettering didn’t turn out perfect.

That is why we are embracing graced imperfection here in this community!!

It isn’t about perfection.

We will miss every single time!!

How To Draw the Flowers and Leaves

Here is a pictorial tutorial on drawing the flowers and leaves.

You can use them in your drawing by tracing them off your laptop or phone screen if you have trouble doing them freehand.

Give it a try!!


How To Draw the Banner

Here is a pictorial tutorial on drawing the banner.

Banners are trickier and my learning curve has been steeper. I don’t even have it totally ‘down’ yet, so why do I think I can teach you?! LOL!!


How To Do the Lettering

There are LOTS of books on how to do different styles of lettering. I am trying to learn how to do better lettering but that comes hard for me.

Basically, I incorporate my own handwriting into the lettering I use.

You can do this too.

If you don’t think your handwriting is that good, that’s OK!!

Have you noticed that the most popular fonts are not of the neatest handwriting?! Just saying!!

Putting it All Together

How did God speak to your heart from your Quiet Time?

God speaks to us through His Word. It’s not that He can’t speak to us any other way, but if you are not daily spending time in your Bible, your thoughts and heart will not be brought back to what He wants to speak into your heart.

Take a phrase from a verse that spoke to you and use those words for the banner.

Too many words or the whole verse usually is too much for the page.

It won’t draw your attention to the main point you are illustrating when you flip through your Bible at another time.

Repetition of Color

Repetition of color gives your masterpiece beauty and a pattern.

Sometimes my color is all-over-the-place and especially when I have too many different elements on the page.

When my drawing is simple, it is easier to limit the colors I use.

It draws the eye to the piece.

When you have finished YOUR Bible journaling, I’d love if you would share your ‘masterpiece’ over in our Facebook Jesus Journaling community!! It is a place where we share our artwork and give encouragement and blessing to each other. You will love it!!

Has this helped you to learn how to Bible Journal? What would you like to see me write about in the coming weeks?

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