Gratitude As A Lifestyle

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The Bible points us to culture a gratitude lifestyle by encouraging us to magnify and praise the Lord in everything.

Maybe you have had some extremely hard things happening and life seems pointless. You just don’t feel that warm-fuzzy grateful feeling welling up in your heart. It’s just NOT there.

Your experiences are not mine nor mine yours.

Yet, I can share with you the power available to you when you make gratitude a part of your daily lifestyle.

A few short years ago I was devastated by the choices that three loved ones had made within a short period of time. It was even more devastating when the fourth made a life-altering choice.

I was at the bottom of the pit. That is a really low place to be!

God picked me up from the mire and set my feet on solid ground even though I did not deserve it. I am a sinner saved by grace!

God Changed My Heart!

It was totally a God-thing. It was a miracle to wake up one morning with joy in my heart despite the circumstances!

I had been totally melancholy and woke each morning with a huge burden of heaviness on my chest.

I would cry and couldn’t stop!

But God!!

But God put two songs in my heart that caused me to lift up my voice to praise Him. Calling out the name of Jesus in song over and over, day after day put a deep sense of joy inside me!

It was incredible and changed my heart into one that reflects gratitude as a lifestyle.

That is why I have shared so much in the last couple of months about gratitude.

AND . . .

We are thrilled to share the Gratitude as a Lifestyle Journaling Workbook with you!

Gratitude CAN BE Your Lifestyle!

Gratitude will change everything!

Transform your mindset

with the Gratitude Journaling Workbook!

If you are currently struggling with:

Melancholy, Negativity, Mindset, Discontentment, Grief, Health, kid issues, Or in a difficult marriage. Then this is your solution!

Click the graphic to learn about Gratitude As A Lifestyle!

If you long to have the transforming peace that the Lord Jesus can give you through having a gratitude-lifestyle, this workbook is for you!

You get the expanded, 30 days of very doable studies in the workbook.

Included is a short devotional and two additional pages that correspond with each day. You will write out the verse and then share your thoughts about the verse. Then you write out your prayer to God. Lastly, there is a page where I encourage you to illustrate what you learned for that day.

This is an amazing way of approaching these verses where you can dig as deep as you have time available.

Gratitude isn’t just a thing for now and then but a life-changing daily event where you place your focus on God. As you get your eyes off yourSELF and onto Jesus, you will find your problems diminishing as Christ is exalted and magnified as a lifestyle.

Those I love, have not changed the course of their lives at this point, yet, I am NOT living in depression and defeat because I carry their choices deeply in my heart.

I have given each of them over to Jesus and laid my burden down at the cross.

I have been living with God-enabled gratitude for the past four years. All glory goes to God. I magnify Christ and Christ alone!

I know you CAN have victory over whatever circumstances you are facing.

You will LOVE the Gratitude As A Lifestyle Journaling Workbook as a tool to make your journey easier.

Gratitude As A Lifestyle is a journaling workbook that will encourage you to draw closer to Jesus. It is a fourteen-day workbook that you may complete in two to four weeks. Each day has a short devotional.

I’d love to know how I can pray for you as you pursue Gratitude as a Lifestyle. Reply in the Comments so I know to pray

Gratitude As A Lifestyle Journaling Workbook
Gratitude As A Lifestyle

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