Becoming a Mary When You’re Totally Martha

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Becoming a Mary when You're Totally Martha

Do you yearn to be a ‘Mary’ when you are ‘totally Martha’ through and through? This will give you some tips while helping you see that you are ENOUGH!

Becoming a Mary when you are totally Martha can be a challenge when you know that you need to improve in serving others.

Broken Dreams!

Do you dream of being much more than you are?

Doing more?

Being more for your husband and children?

We can learn so much from Mary and be more pulled together in all sorts of ways. Being much more. Much, much more!!

BUT . . . most days you feel like you fall so short and that you are totally Martha through and through. I want to encourage you to see yourself as a daughter of the King as God sees you!

Broken Goals!

Did you make goals last January hoping that this year you would improve all those areas where you slacked?

  • Did you make goals last January
  • Be more faithful in reading God’s Word
  • Praying more faithfully
  • Keeping the house cleaner
  • Tackling that pile of paper clutter
  • Spending more time with the kids
  • Working out marital kinks
  • Working out at least 3 times each week

Once the year gets going it is so easy to forget about the goals and challenges we make at the beginning of the year. No one writes about it halfway through the year (okay, I do.)

We all get swept away by our lives and the last thing that is on our mind are the goals on that slip of paper from January.

So, we get caught in a circling effect that takes us round and round until we don’t know how to stop the spinning.

Whatever area we struggle in, it’s is nearly impossible to stop!

I know.

I’ve been there.

Done that.

I really do want my house to be clean.

I want that stack of books cleared off the desk.

I want the old homeschool binders in the attic organized (until I figure out what to do with them.)

And I want my little garden weeded.

When my children were young, my messes and stacks were higher even though on the surface my home looked neat and organized. Just don’t enter the walk-in closet. Stuff might have fallen on you!

I am a Martha and I am always busy.

I even have thoughts swirling around in my head thinking that someone else should be helping me.

I am not perfect.

I can get stressed.

PMS was NOT my friend.

I wished so much for a Titus Two woman who could come beside me and encourage me and tell me that it was going to be alright.

Do you NEED this kind of encouragement too? No matter what season of life you are in, having someone come along-side us is so needed!

I was very faithful in sitting at Jesus’ feet with my Bibble each morning but I was never able to go through my day with the peace and calm I felt at the beginning of my day.

Stress bombarded me just as soon as I faced my day.

I so wanted to be a Mary.

But I was a Martha.




Where is the balance?

We put smiles on our faces when we go out or to church but too often, the real woman is the one struggling on the inside.

We need that Titus Two-woman in our lives to encourage us through the years of raising our children.

I understand YOUR ‘hard’ because I have lived through something harder than any mother I have ever met. I don’t understand what it is to have a child die, but I do know that eternal death is something that grieves a mother’s heart deeply.

Dealing with whatever it is that we have on our plate, is what can make being a Mary seem so impossible.

I wanted to be different and maybe you do too?

I wanted to change.

My Totally Martha Prayer!

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

God does not want to make you different than you are. He wants to take your personality and mold it into who He created you to be.

God might want you to have some of the qualities of Mary although you are still a Martha.

He wants you to learn to walk in the presence of Jesus, like Mary, while being a Martha.

Martha with a Heart Like Mary!

It’s all about how to BE in the presence of Jesus like Martha with a heart like Mary.

These six tips are my way of coming along-side you to encourage and equip you in sitting at Jesus’ feet like Mary even though you are totally Martha.

  1. Start out your day at the feet of Jesus like Mary each morning.
  2. Sticky Note reminders or Index Card reminders here and there where you will see them.
  3. Play worship music on your phone or computer.
  4. Read from a Bible storybook to your children.
  5. Read the Bible to your children after breakfast before they start playing or do/go to school.
  6. Pray as you go through your day for wisdom from the Lord.

When it comes to doing ‘all the things’, do you think you are more like Mary or are you totally Martha?

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  1. I love this post, especially the idea of playing worship in the background. It’s so easy to get side-tracked by all that needs to be done and we often need those reminders to bring us back to what’s most important. I’m definitely a Martha too (and feel as if my schedule and family kind of need a Martha). I’ve had to be mindful in ensuring that everything I DO commit to is important and in-line with my priorities. You can read a bit about my Martha-to-Mary journey at if you’d like! 🙂 God bless, friend!

    1. Thanks Deb for taking the time to stop over and leave such a nice comment. I will save your post to read later. Thanks so much for sharing it with me.

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