Super Fun Summer Activities for Kids


Activities for your kids will be super fun this summer and help give you grace-filled moments instead of the stress that endless hours with kids can potentially bring.

So far life isn’t looking the same since COVOD-19 hit your corner of the world.

Summer is different!

BUT . . .

You can turn all that around by activities you choose to do with your kids. Here are some ideas that will jumpstart the time you spend with your kids as you make some memories to last a lifetime.

I promise you these super fun activities for kids can be done without spending money (or hardly any)!


Super Fun Activities for Kids

Grace-Filled Moments for Eternity


I know that along with the wonderful long days of summer, a mother (and grandmothers)  can get totally stressed as she sacrificingly gives long hours to her kids.

Housework is never-ending and yet it is worth stopping to spend time doing activities with your kids.

The house can wait!

Your influence on your kids is just for a moment of time.

Not only have I raised seven wonderful kids but I have cared for my twin granddaughters for the first 18 months of their lives.

I also cared for two of my other grandchildren (14 months and 2 1/2 years old) for 3 months while their mother was in the hospital.

Raising kids and homeschooling them wasn’t all perfect but I lived a reality that was often hard. Through it all, God has given me something to share with you.

I am passionate about helping other moms to find grace as they deal with their kids.

Teaching them the value of loving these precious souls and influence them for eternity.

Super Fun Summer Activities for Kids


  1. Start with Bible-Time each morning: Read one of the short Psalms (teaching them to sit still is not a bad thing) then read them a very short Bible story or just part of one. Then sing one or two children’s songs about Jesus. If your toddler’s attention span is too short, break this up into bite-size pieces throughout the day.

  2. Training Activities: Start young! It is much easier to “train a child up in the way he should go” when they are tiny. There are sadly no guarantees that your child will wholeheartedly follow the Lord Jesus as an adult, but a person who has obedience relatively down is more able to respond to the Lord’s still small voice wooing them to Salvation. That all being said, take 5-10 minutes with a toddler and teach them to “come” and “don’t touch” and “pick up toys” through intentionally spending a small block of time concentrating on these activities and nothing else. You’ll be glad you did when your toddler has a meltdown out in public and quickly responds to your directives.

  3. Read a storybook: In a world where kids as young as two years old are given i-phones and tablets all for their own, stories are not being read aloud enough. Read aloud to your toddler! They will learn to have a longer attention span and will be bringing more books to you to read!!

  4. Blanket-Tent: The ones you buy are cute but not near as much fun! Get a blanket (or two or three) and build a house for your children to play in. Hang it between beds, sofas, and chairs. Make a tunnel between the sofa and coffee table. Use your imagination!

  5. Box Boat: Find a HUGE box, like would be used for a fridge or stove and make it into a boat. Lay the box on its side and take two of the flaps and tape them so they are in a point (use packing tape), then take another flap and cut it to fit the point for a bottom and cut the excess. Cut off the unwanted flap. Close the flaps on the other end. You will have a boat!! If you want, paint (or have your children paint) the outside of the boat with tempera paints, make portholes, and whatever else strikes your fancy!! The sky is the limit. I did this when my kids were toddlers and pre-schoolers and they played in it all summer.

  6. Homemade Juice Pops: Ice pops should always be found in the freezer when kids are around! This recipe book might help. To change up the juice-pop thing, put the juice into ice-cube trays. Be sure to make extra since ‘BIG toddlers’ love juice pops even when they reach the tweens and teens!!

  7. Homemade Edible Play Dough: Playdough is fun and especially if you can eat it!! You don’t have to worry when your toddler puts it in his mouth.

  8. Take a Walk: Whether you live in a city, suburbia, or rural surroundings, it is good to get outdoors and ingest some vitamin D! Just be wise and if you live in too dangerous an area it might be wise to drive to a park where it is safe. This doubles for exercise moms!!

  9. Kiddie Pool Time: They are inexpensive and so worth it. A little tike pool can keep you and your children cool for a long period of time. 

  10. Make a Bucket List: Bucket lists are notorious for being endless.

These are just a few ideas for super fun activities for the kids in your life.

Spending some time with your children will help them grow closer to you and I will pray that you find grace in the moments you sacrificially give to them.

You will be blessed as you do!

Did this encourage you to grow in grace as you spend time with your kids? What ideas would you add to those I have shared?

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