5 Easy Bible Journaling Strategies for Beginners

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Do you want to learn how to implement 5 easy Bible journaling strategies for struggling beginners?

This will show you how to get ideas and put them on paper!

Too often the empty blank on the page can be terrifying. Especially if it’s in your Bible!

I have been sharing about Philippians and even put together a Philippians Journaling Workbook.

It has been wonderful to slow down and really go deeper with Jesus with only a few verses each day for 8 weeks. I read and journaled about Philippians 4:4-5 earlier today and thought I would share how I completed this page.

Maybe you will be inspired and journal about a verse that God spoke into your heart and life.

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. 5 Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; Philippians 4:4-5

Instead of sharing a devotional about what I studied, God laid it on my heart to do a little tutorial to inspire other women to become creative journaling artists. OK so challenged artists 😉

In this tutorial, I will show the process of my journaling adventure this morning.

A Tutorial for Beginners

After reading and learning what God is saying to me today, I started drawing and coloring in my journal.

But . . . the thing is . . . ideas just don’t pop into my head.

Did you know that an artist has to start at the beginning and learn to craft her skill?

This is such a beautiful Artisan Collection Bible!!

Where to Find Easy Ideas for Beginners

This is a very simple creative journal that even beginners can try! I demonstrate the process in the tutorial video at the bottom of this post. I show how I used a Coloring Page Printable to trace the flower and leaves along the side.

You can do this!

  • You can scroll down through the PHOTOS in Jesus Journaling (a Facebook group) until you are inspired. You are welcomed to copy or take off from anything I have shared. My work has no copyrights.
  • You can visit Pinterest and type Bible Journaling into the SEARCH. Then you can draw something similar using your verse.
  • You can look through a Christian coloring book for ideas. You can trace something you find or do it freehand like I did today.
  • You can use a FREE Coloring Page Printable to trace, color, or get ideas.

In the picture below, I showed the page in a coloring book where I freehanded the flower, leaves, bird, and dragonfly.

5 Easy Strategies for Beginners

  1. I first wrote out the verse using a ballpoint pen. You might want to use a pencil if you are new to this and unsure of yourself.
  2. Then, I used a pencil to thicken the downstrokes of the letters to color in later.
  3. I thought it would be helpful to take a picture before coloring it in so you could see what I did. I went over all the words in the two verses, bird, dragonfly, flower and leaves with gel pens.
  4. Next, I colored the lettering in with either get pens or sharpened Prismacolor pencils. Yes, sometimes I don’t bother to sharpen them! For the banner at the top, I used a Crayola TwistableCrayola Twistable as I find they are terrific for lightly shading in many things when I draw.

I actually started with Twistables and used them in many of my illustrations I first started Bible journaling. It is more important to use what you have than to over-spend and break the bank!

While I journal, I often listen to a short sermon on the book or verse I am working on.

Other times just enjoy the quiet with Jesus.

Most of all, it is good to remember that if you are new-ish at creative journaling art, God is more interested in your heart than your ability to pull off perfection on the page.

Do everything in God’s strength, not yours.

Slow down to meditate on His word while you worship and praise your God, your Supreme Treasure!

Has this encouraged you today to journal for God’s glory? Did you learn anything new and helpful?

You will simply love the You Are Enough Journaling Workbook!  I made it, especially for you!

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