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Why Moms Should have a Summer Bucket List for Kids

Moms, have you ever thought of making a summer bucket list of things to do with your children?

Do you have restless children out-of-school and looking for an adventurous fun-filled summer?


You’ve come to the right place for ideas!

Just four years ago, two of my children still lived at home and we also had two of the sweetest identical twin-girls toddling around our home.

You’re not so sure you need to take the time to make a Summer Bucket List?

1. Be Intentional and Make a Bucket List

No, really. Make a Summer Bucket List this summer.

Your children will LOVE you for it and have the best memories because of it.

Even when life happens, it amazes me that my children will reminisce about the good times as the bad times seem to fade.

Putting your ideas of:

  • Places to go
  • Books to read
  • Crafts you can do with your children

Kept all in one place and it will help you to remember your good intentions at the beginning of the summer.

When life with children in tow gets you stressed, the list will actually jog-your-brain and get you all back on track again.

2. Planning a Bucket List Turns Hot Summer Days into Adventures

As much as we look forward to those warm days of summer when the heat soars and the children get grumpy and fussy. 

It can become dreadfully hard to remember those great ideas stored in your head.

Wrap your head around making a list.

Do it!!

Pause and start your list now and turn your grumpy children’s summer into an adventure!!

3. When your children are Bored & Bickering Have a Plan

Your children might need direction. 

It helps to have an adventure that you planned at the beginning of the summer.

I can’t think when a baby is screaming, can you?

I can’t even remember what to do, let alone where my list is!!

Make that bucket list of stellar ideas and slip it into a plastic jelly-proof sheet and post it on the fridge.


If you forget that you have a plan, your children will be sure to remind you that it’s time for an adventure!!

4. Prepare Ahead by Having a Bucket List 

Making a list is all well-and-good, but if you haven’t gathered or purchased what’s needed for the activity you’ll still be up a creek without a paddle on a hot summer day!!

Make your Summer Bucket List and then from that, compile a list of supplies (if need be) and start gathering and purchasing ahead of time just a little at a time.

Don’t break the bank!!

5. Scale Down Your Commitments Over the Summer

I used to work outside-the-home when I only had two very young children. I did work at night, so it didn’t affect my absence from my children.

Even though I homeschooled our children, my summers could fill up with my OWN bucket list.

It is possible to be an ‘at home’ mommy but be absent in spirit.

So, consider your commitments and scale back where you feel led and you will never ever regret that you did!!

6. Your Children Matter

There are so many things I want to do with my life right now but doing those things in excess will only bring frustration and overwhelmed when they don’t all fit into my day.

My children count for eternity and so do my precious identical toddlers.

Spending deliberate time with your children or grandkids will count for something far greater than a clean house (though that is important.)

If you work-from-home, set your business hours and spend time with the children in your life.

It matters!

If you work outside the home, can you arrange your schedule so you have time for your kids?

It matters.

As women, we can quickly fill our hours with many other important things and not have time for our children.

Your children matter.

They need you and the gift of your time because it will matter because you can be an influence in their lives for eternity!

Do you have children in your life? Are you making a Summer Bucket List? Tell me about it since mine is not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination.

Summertime Resources

I absolutely LOVE Sanity in the Summertime book!! You might find the others as a good starting point for those days that are too hot to be outside or when it is rainy! These are great ideas for my grandkids too!