Bible Journaling: Finding Joy in Jesus through Philippians

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Finding joy in Jesus should be the goal for all Believers but what may surprise you is how you can experience your Savior at a deeper level when you Bible journal.

Do you desperately desire a deeper level in your relationship with God?

I am thrilled to give you four reasons how Bible journaling through Philippians will help you in finding joy in Jesus!

You have probably seen creative Bible journaling art all over the internet. You’ll find it on Pinterest and in Facebook groups like this one.

Have you ever seen or participated in a Bible journaling challenge that took you through a book of the Bible?

This one does!

I hope Finding Joy in Jesus through Philippians will interest and draw you in. You will grow closer to Jesus through this unique method of Bible study.

But . . .

If you are saying that you’re not artistic at all, hang in there with me. Let me explain what I have in mind.

4 Ways to Bible Journal

I am not saying that there are only 4 ways to Bible journal because you might have a totally different way of journaling your Bible journey. I’d love to hear your ideas!

  1. Creative journaling art – This is illustrating a verse or concept from the Bible by coloring, painting, using stamp art, stickers or scrapbooking ideas. The ideas for creative journaling art are endless.
  2. Scripture journaling – This method uses the ageless copying out Bible verses like the scribes of old. You might write out a whole passage or book of the Bible eventually or copy out cross-reference verses that speak to your heart.
  3. Notetaking journaling – A story, passage, or word might catch your eye as the Lord speaks to your heart. You might copy down notes from different sources into your Notetaking Bible or notebook.
  4. S.O.A.P. Method This method of studying the Bible is all about writing Scripture, writing Observations of the passage, Applying what was read, and writing a Prayer to summarize what was learned.

You likely thought Bible journaling was all about becoming an artist. I would definitely encourage you to be artistically creative but studying the Bible is also very important.

Finding Joy in Jesus!

Little children have such a propensity for joy! They get excited over little things and see the wonder in nature and small inexpensive gifts that you give them.

Somehow through life, many of us lose our joy. It can be in the process of raising our kids.

The stress and exhaustion.

The strain in our relationship with our husband (if you’re married).

We fail to get excited like a child over the insignificant things in life any longer. Our soul has become bitter and we feel like having a nap within minutes after getting up.

Not you? That’s fantastic. Reach out to a friend and help her find joy again.

Finding joy is what life should be all about. The only true joy is found in Jesus.

Philippians is such a wonderful book that invites us to find joy in Jesus. I invite you to come along with me as I share about the book of Philippians once each week for a total of 8 weeks.

Philippian Challenge: Finding Joy in Jesus!

Join us August 12th through October 5th as we journal through Philippians! This study is timeless so no worries if you find this later on.

There will be a post here on the blog once each week and devotionals and artwork shared in our Jesus Journaling Facebook group daily.

You can go through Philippians at any time because you can find all the posts on the second menu bar under > Faith > Philippians.

In Jesus Journaling on Facebook, Finding Joy in Jesus can be found in the Units. You must join the group to access what is available.

Bible Journaling: Finding Joy in Jesus through Philippians

  • You will be encouraged to do the Scripture Writing Challenge!
  • You will love focusing on the Journaling Weekly Verse each week!
  • Word Wednesday is a great place to get started on a Word study!
  • You will enjoy watching videos about Philippians or Bible journaling!

There will be much more as this exciting Bible journaling experience unfolds!

It is one creative journaling event that you won’t want to miss because we have taken YOU into consideration.

The artistically challenged are welcomed to draw closer to Jesus, Finding Joy in Jesus through Philippians! Is that YOU?   

You will love the Philippians Journaling Workbook (32 Pages) because it will inspire you to draw closer to Jesus with its beautiful worksheets, designed to record your spiritual journey through Philippians. Read More . . .

Philippians Journaling Workbook


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